Graphics cards are about to flood the market, startlingly cheap

It seems that the bad days are about to pass for the gaming community in particular and computer users in general.

Good news for gamers: Graphics cards are about to flood the market, surprisingly cheap - Photo 1.

According to a report by PCGamer, the market for computer components and especially graphics cards is about to have a huge fluctuation. PCGamer said that because many component factories are operating at full capacity again, so the number of graphics card shipments to the market is increasing rapidly. Specifically, compared to 2021, the number of new graphics cards produced in 2022 will increase by 30%. The number will make the price level of this product will certainly be stable after a long time of price storm.

According to PCGamer, the number of cards produced by AMD and NVIDIA in the fourth quarter of 2021 increased by 27.7% and this number continues to increase in the first months of 2022. Although a large part of the card market has been mined by miners purchased virtual currency. However, this purchasing power has gradually decreased following the decline of Bitcoin and Ethereum. While the supply is abundant again, the video card market in 2022 will certainly be brighter for gamers and real users.

Not only that, many other component manufacturers are also starting to participate in the video card market. Typically Intel with its Arc graphics card line. Besides, some Chinese domestic manufacturers also launch their own products.

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