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Hanoi explains to students from grade 1

At the press conference to inform about the socio-economic situation in the first quarter of 2022 on the afternoon of April 6, explaining why students of grades 1-6 went back to school without vaccination, Mr. Pham Xuan Tien, Deputy Director The director of the Hanoi Department of Education and Training said that the Department was based on three factors.

According to Mr. Tien, Hanoi has passed the peak of the epidemic. When the epidemic is “climax”, letting this group of students go to school, the risk of infection is very high.

During the survey, more than 75% of parents initially agreed to send their children back to school. In particular, primary school students have had a long break from the beginning of the school year to the present time. Meanwhile, there are only 2 months left until the end of this school year.

“Therefore, sending students back to school is a “golden time” for the school to consolidate and review knowledge so that elementary students can enter the final exam. Mr. Tien said.

Hanoi explains for students from grades 1 to 6 to return to school without vaccination - 1

Mr. Pham Xuan Tien, Deputy Director of Hanoi Department of Education and Training

Leaders of Hanoi Department of Education and Training further informed that according to statistics up to the present time, the percentage of students participating in direct study at primary level is over 92%, secondary school level reaches 93.2% and high school level is more than 96 ,2%.

“This ratio shows that parents have a high consensus when sending their children to school directly. This morning, when I directly checked and discussed with parents and students, everyone was very excited.” Mr. Tien said.

Regarding vaccination, Deputy Director of the Department of Health Vu Cao Cuong said that the city has issued a plan to vaccinate children from 5 to under 12 years old, and localities have also developed plans.

When the Ministry of Health distributes vaccines, the city will immediately organize vaccinations for children. To ensure the safety of students going to school, the Department of Health has coordinated with the Department of Education and Training to issue interdisciplinary guidelines.

“Currently, all schools have applied epidemic prevention and control measures at schools according to the content of the instructions. The Hanoi People’s Committee has directed the authorities at all levels to set up COVID-19 support groups at schools to ensure the safe implementation of epidemic prevention and control for students.Mr. Cuong said.

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