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Husband stole children’s savings to play golf

I am willing to give my husband billions of dong for him to enjoy playing golf, but it’s still not enough.

I am 33 years old, my husband is 36 years old, married for 10 years. My wife and I have a lovely princess. I think it’s a gift to make up for my disadvantages in life. The marriage is not happy but my husband and I can still be friends. The investment is favorable, so I am financially free. Four months ago, her husband took unpaid leave to play golf. If I talk about all the big and small conflicts every day, it is difficult, in the framework of this article I only talk about a very small aspect, which is spending my husband’s money.

I am easy on this matter, people will say that it is because of me that the problem arises. But many men are aware that they do not need a guardian to spend properly. Since we got married, I have never taken a salary from my husband. His personal expenses are quite expensive compared to his salary of more than ten million dong. Until the family’s economy is better, he wants to spend, buy things or play golf, I still support. Buy clubs, buy clothes, play golf expenses.. I transfer you no less than billions of dong. That’s still not enough and there’s always a long to-do list.

One day, my daughter and I excitedly opened the savings pig. From a young age, I knew how to spend money to pay school fees, the amount of money saved each year is about tens of millions of dong. Mother and daughter open pig then stunned, unable to believe when there were only a few coins left. His eyes were both surprised and disappointed. Looking at that poor innocent face, I love my only child, I love myself ten.

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The moment I saw the wrinkled change of coins was also the moment when I knew that some of my faith and struggle had disappeared. When asked, her husband played it off, pretended not to hear it, talked about other things, and didn’t care that the child was sad. He is irresponsible. After that day, I used to intend to tell my husband’s playmates the truth so that they would know and avoid asking him to participate in expensive games. Then thinking back, I don’t want to be related to that person anymore, he’s almost 40 years old, I don’t want to be my husband’s nanny. I let him live as he pleases, as long as he no longer appears in my life, affecting me.

One lost ten doubts, now thinking about the times when money was indiscriminate, I sometimes feel that the stack of money in the cabinet is much thinner but I don’t care much. Through this, I also want people in this situation to be sober in money management. I hope everyone, regardless of male or female, enjoy within their income, don’t overdo it and chase after luxuries that affect loved ones.


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