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Leaving the mother to follow the wife, the husband was dumbfounded when she said a sentence that was poignant to the bone-Young

Wednesday, April 6, 2022 10:07 AM (GMT+7)

He does everything for her, takes her on trips abroad or buys expensive gifts. He even turned his back on his mother, but in the end, he was still shocked when he learned the reason for his wife’s abandonment.

Leaving the mother to follow the wife, the husband was dumbfounded when she said a sentence that was poignant to the bone - 1


When the judge asked the reason, his wife explained that her husband was willing to give up both his mother and his family to live comfortably with her.

“I can’t believe a man would do anything to make his wife happy but refuse to do even the smallest thing for his mother,” she said.

The young wife also said that since getting married, her husband has done everything for her, taking her on trips abroad or buying expensive gifts. However, his harsh attitude towards her family made her feel that the marriage was incomplete, according to the Saudi Gazette. She also believes that when he can leave both his biological parents and siblings, one day he will also abandon her to follow someone else.

The wife also returned the entire dowry to her husband before filing for divorce.

After listening to her explanation, the judge agreed to give her a divorce, much to her husband’s shock.

A source from the jury praised the wife’s decision because the husband calmly turned his back on the mother who sacrificed her life for his happiness.

People still say “love is something sacred, and difficult to explain”. But love to be sustainable needs both sides of the vibration. Getting married and building a family is a higher level, because it will be a friend for life.

Therefore, you need to be rational and realistic to choose the right companion. Many happy stories are woven, but there are also many sad stories, unfortunate separations just because insiders do not understand each other well.

A man that even his family can throw away, what else can he keep completely for long. Maybe his newlywed wife is still interested in him now, but who can guarantee that, a few years later, when the love has faded, he will still treat his wife well as before. Because, even his mother, who raised that man from childhood to adulthood, he can still be heartless.

Therefore, with the type of men who are cold to their own relatives, women should avoid as much as possible. In addition, some men below advise women not to think about getting married:

1. Men are irresponsible

The irresponsible man is the man that everyone in this society dreads. Men are irresponsible, they will never live for you for your children. They will not care how difficult your wife and children are. They also do not need to know what they need to do in their relationships with relatives and relatives.

There are many cases, girls looking for lovers but people disappear, and as if it is not their business, like “who gets pregnant, she bears it, who brings her to give birth”.

The denial of responsibility is the expression of the boss. It doesn’t really matter if you keep trying to hold him or find him. That tying him with a wedding will bring no happiness.

Not to mention in daily married life he will never care what your mother and child do, nor do you expect him to be responsible for your family, your parents. Such a person does not deserve to be married.

2. The constant saying: “Your mother said…”

Loving your parents is a wonderful thing, but there is a limit to expressing it. If the guy you’re dating says “his mom says” and “my mom says” two things, then you should reconsider. Because it is possible that the future scenario of a family similar to the one in the movie “living with mother-in-law” will be realized and you are the female lead in it.

3. The type of man who always needs your help

That’s the kind of person who is always entrenched in his own insecurities. When talking, he mentions his problems but never talks about yours.

He always wants to have you around because your presence makes him less nervous. Every time he does something, he tries to hold you by his side to ask for help until he is ready.

According to psychologists, actually this type of man will never be ready to embark on anything, he always loses confidence. So this is not the type of man to marry.

4. Men are too good at talking

Men are too good to talk or come with flowery, promiscuous nature. Don’t ever expect to be the “last stop” or fool yourself into thinking that he only has good words for you!

A man who is too clever to talk will convince other girls and has a dozen satellites always surrounding him. Therefore, absolutely do not marry men who are too soft-spoken, do not make yourself miserable when you are attached to a person who always has to worry and watch them to see if they have an affair or not.

5. The brute

A man hitting a woman is not only bad but also very cowardly. Never tolerate such behavior, listen to sweet words and then forgive. Because, he can hit once, will definitely hit the second time, the third time … and will be more and more heavy-handed.

If you don’t want to become a victim of domestic violence, let your children be haunted by witnessing, it’s best never to stick with such men.

Maybe, when he was still in love, he would not show it or never let it go. However, watch carefully how he treats you and everyone else. If the man can’t control his anger, or is angry for no reason, has scary expressions such as throwing, throwing things, threatening you, … then be careful.

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