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Long legs showbiz ignore public opinion, accept to rely on giants

Many beauties, beauty queens of the entertainment industry of the port country accept to be “boyfriends” for the giants regardless of the age gap, or the fact that they have families.

Recently, the beautiful Vien Gia Man, Miss Photo of the contest Miss Hong Kong In 2009, it attracted attention when it posted a forum to denounce the father and son of billionaires in the real estate industry, and in electronic sports in the homeland – Chung Nhan Vy and Chung Boi Sanh.

According to the beauty, she and the billionaire father and son have had a close relationship for many years, but in recent years, their relationship has broken down when their father and son Chung made many excessive requests that she could not accept.

Beauty wrote: “I don’t think I will openly criticize anyone, but these two men, Chung Boi Sanh and Chung Nhan Vy are two bad guys. Sometimes, I feel so disappointed because people are so selfish, superficiality and tricks. A year with the Chung family is a nightmare.”

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The beauty Vien Gia Man is the focus of discussion of Hong Kong public opinion (Photo: Sina).

The beauty’s shares reveal the special relationship between her and the father and son billionaire Chung. In particular, in the past few years, the acting career of the 8X generation beauty has not prospered, but she still regularly shares luxurious and rich images on her personal page.

In 2021, Vien Gia Man was rumored to be supported by a giant when renting a villa for $ 5,000/month even though he did not have a job. Vien Gia Man’s sharing made her receive a rain of stones and criticism. Especially after the young billionaire Chung Boi Sanh spoke out about their relationship.

Chung Boi Sanh, 31 years old this year, is the father of Hong Kong’s e-sports industry. This rich young man has a close relationship with many beauties in the world entertain. Chung Boi Sanh’s father – Mr. Chung Nhan Vy is considered as the “great king of the land industry of the homeland”.

Chung Boi Sanh revealed that he and Vien Gia Man have known each other since mid-2021. Chung Boi Sanh financially supported Vien Gia Man after listening to her confiding about difficulties in life. The two went back and forth to find out for a while, then broke up because of their incompatibility.

According to Chung Boi Sanh, after breaking up, the beautiful Vien Gia Man still texted him harassing and asking for money. Chung Boi Sanh also denied that his family had improper behavior with the female artist and asserted that Vien Gia Man intentionally made up stories to smear the honor of the Chung family, in order to earn more compensation when breaking up.

Chung Boi Sanh also accused the beautiful Vien as the one who actively pursued, held on to his feelings and disturbed the privacy of his family. “She has a lot of partners, but she keeps following me. I don’t understand why she wants to push me and my son into the fire pit of public opinion with rude words.”Chung Boi Sanh expressed frustration.

When showbiz long legs ignore public opinion, accept to rely on giants-2When showbiz long legs ignore public opinion, accept to rely on giants-3

Rebutting Chung Boi Sanh’s words, Vien Gia Man said that she accepted to interact with businessmen not for money. The actress said that it was Chung Boi Sanh who actively provided her with money even though she had consistently refused.

“I didn’t covet his money at all. At first, I considered Chung Boi Sanh like a younger brother. Then he pursued me. I only had Boi Sanh as my ‘friend’, no relationship. with someone else. It is Chung Boi Sanh who is the promiscuous one.”the beautiful Vien confirmed.

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Billionaire Chung Boi Sanh (Photo: Sina).

During a year with Chung Boi Sanh, Vien Gia Man pocketed nearly 130,000 USD, was sponsored by him to rent a luxury villa and buy many expensive branded items.

According to a source close to her, Vien Gia Man moved to live in the Chung family mansion in mid-2021. She and Chung Boi Sanh have a close relationship and consider going on a long trip.

However, earlier this year, Chung Boi Sanh fell in love with another pink shadow, actress Diep Thien Van, so the relationship between him and Vien Gia Man cracked.

Vien Gia Man once warned Diep Thien Van, but the 9X female artist did not care. Chung Boi Sanh wanted to please the beautiful Thien Van, so he broke off relations with Vien Gia Man. Angry at being abandoned, Vien Gia Man tried to denounce her boyfriend on social networks.

The life of a billionaire and the post-breakup quarrel between the beautiful Vien Gia Man and Chung Boi Sanh have been the focus of discussion in the Asian media in recent days.

Many beauties choose the “LIKE” OF THE GENERAL to change their lives.

The beauties “rely on” giants like Vien Gia Man are not lacking in the entertainment industry of the homeland. In the past, some popular artists of Hong Kong showbiz also chose to live as mistresses for rich giants, even someone who was their father’s age. For example, the beautiful Ly Gia Han, Quan Chi LamVuong To Hien…

“The most beautiful Miss Hong Kong” Ly Gia Han was once criticized for her relationship with billionaire Luu Loan Hung. He used to be one of the 5 richest people in Hong Kong and in the top 65 richest people in the world according to the magazine’s statistics Forbes.

Luu Loan Hung and Ly Gia Han knew each other when the billionaire Luu was over 40 and had a family, and Ly Gia Han was only in his twenties, possessing youthful and brilliant beauty. At that time, she just won the crown of Miss Hong Kong 1988 and started working for TVB (Hong Kong), participating in a number of films.

When showbiz long legs ignore public opinion, accept to rely on giants-5
Miss Ly Gia Han in her youth (Photo: Sina).

Because of his relationship with Luu Loan Hung, Ly Gia Han also refused to have a relationship with his colleague Le Minh. Despite the gossip and contempt of public opinion, Ly Gia Han accepted a life as a concubine for the giants of the Liu family. During this time, she was provided with and spoiled with expensive items such as villas, cars or expensive trips.

Regardless of the fact that she is only a “third person”, Ly Gia Han also challenged “old lady” Bao Vinh Cam, causing this woman to repeatedly voice criticism in the media and in her autobiography. After many years of being challenged by her husband’s mistress and unable to save her marriage, Ms. Bao Vinh Cam decided to file for divorce when she was 38 years old.

After divorcing his wife, Luu Loan Hung lived with Ly Gia Han for a while but did not marry her. After that, the beauty was disgraced by the billionaire’s heart, surnamed Luu, for another beauty of the Hong Kong entertainment world, actress Quan Chi Lam.

When long-legged showbiz ignores public opinion and accepts to rely on giants-6
Ly Gia Han and her current husband, businessman Hua Tan Hanh (Photo: Sina).

Quan Chi Lam, one of the four great beauties of Hong Kong showbiz in the 90s, also has a very rich love history. At the age of 20, Quan Chi Lam caught the eye of the rich man, King Quoc Tinh. Despite her family’s objections, she married a rich man who was the same age as her father, becoming the mistress of a wealthy family.

However, the marriage of the two only lasted half a year because the Kingdom of Tinh was a rich person who liked a bohemian and playful lifestyle. The two broke up in noise and Quan Chi Lam’s career was also affected.

After that, Quan Chi Lam was condemned for interfering in the marriage between the giants of the homeland – Ma Thanh Vy and Tran My Ky. At that time, when Tran My Ky was pregnant, Quan Chi Lam called to talk, causing the Ma family’s main house to be affected. Tran My Ky suffered from mental pressure, was born prematurely, and suffered from the loss of her ability to be a mother.

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Quan Chi Lam in spring color (Photo: Sina).

The beauty of the surname Quan also has a noisy love affair with billionaire Luu Loan Hung and is considered the third person to look at the relationship between the Hong Kong billionaire and Miss Ly Gia Han.

In 2009, Quan Chi Lam knew billionaire Tran Thai Minh. During their time together, Quan Chi Lam and Tran Thai Minh were very tight-lipped, but the star of the port country was pampered by the giants with expensive items, villas…

In 2014, the two secretly married in France. In 2015, the beauty surnamed Quan was said to have divorced her billionaire husband, enjoyed a large fortune and returned to Hong Kong to live. She has not given birth, has not remarried, and has lived a private life in recent years.

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Quan Chi Lam and her second husband, billionaire Tran Thai Minh (Photo: Sina).

Famous and beautiful actress Vuong To Hien was laughed at by the public, so she decided to retire and leave Hong Kong after a love story with a rich man with his wife Lam Kien Nhac.

Vuong To Hien is known as “fairy girl” thanks to his elegant and eccentric temperament. Her name is guaranteed through many famous works such as Dong Phuong Invincible Chi Phong Van Returns, Dong Thanh West Poison and Hao Mon Da Yen.

The appearance of Vuong To Hien caused the marriage of Lam Kien Nhac and his wife, Ta Linh Linh, to fall apart. Despite the influence of fame, Vuong To Hien still chose to be with his lover in the hope that he would propose to him. At that time, Lam Kien Nhac spoiled Vuong To Hien, helping her to solve all difficulties. He also gave the beauty a villa worth 13 million HKD (VND 38.5 billion).

Vuong To Hien once hoped to have a title, but in the end, the giant chose another beautiful person. The broken love made Vuong To Hien’s heart broken, she decided to live in Canada.

The famous star lives quietly abroad, spends time learning about Buddhism, often participates in public activities of the Chinese community. She used to say: “Happiness is living simply. Happiness and simplicity are priceless gifts.”

When long-legged showbiz ignores public opinion, accepting to rely on giants-9
Vuong To Hien lives alone after a broken love story with billionaire Lam Kien Nhac (Photo: Sina).

After all, the ending of both Quan Chi Lam, Ly Gia Han or Vuong To Hien was not good. Quan Chi Lam has to live alone, with no children, even though she owns a large fortune. Vuong To Hien, despite having a prosperous life abroad, has no family of his own and cannot fulfill his dream of becoming a mother.

Miss Ly Gia Han was also rumored not to be respected by her husband’s family, giant Hua Tan Hanh. When Hua Tan Hanh’s father died, she and her husband were removed from the list of heirs and were only given an amount of HKD 2 million each month.

Miss Ong Gia Tue and runner-up Ly Minh Tue, after being crowned Miss Hong Kong in 1997, used to make so much noise with the fight for giants Ngo Huu Chanh to the point of taking each other to court.

On television, Ly Minh Tue said that he was about to marry the sponsor of the Miss Hong Kong contest, but was destroyed by Mr. Gia Tue. The incident caused the careers of both beauties to be destroyed, their reputations ruined.

According to HK01“relying” on the giants of the showbiz pink balls is a personal choice.

However, as a celebrity, the public’s dream model, dating people who are of their father’s age or deliberately intruding in other people’s happiness causes them to be condemned as unethical. In addition to the disparaging words, they also risk losing their careers or emotions in the hearts of the audience.

According to Dan Tri

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