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Miss martial arts superstar’s wife plays a “fight and kick” scene that attracts millions of views

Tuesday, April 5, 2022 13:59 PM (GMT+7)

The “fight” scene of Miss Loi Tri with a male opponent in the bathroom attracts the audience.

Loi Tri’s sexy action scene in the movie.

Loi Tri is a Hong Kong actress, but she is better known as Jet Li’s wife. The actress was born in 1961 with her father and moved to Hong Kong in 1981, then to the US to study at university. Upon graduation, Loi Tri returned to Hong Kong to participate in the 1986 Miss Asia pageant and won the championship. At the same time, she also received the sub-title of the beauty with the hottest body. Loi Tri’s hot beauty made the Hong Kong entertainment industry stir. She was even praised by writer Nghe Khuong as “a beautiful woman we haven’t seen in 50 years”.

Currently, Loi Tri has a happy married life with her husband and two daughters. However, she rarely appeared in front of the media after retiring in 1992. Regarding her career, Loi Tri participated in many films such as Violent Knights of Wei, Song Long Hoi, Hong Truong Phi Long, Long Tiger Cop, Than Detective Ma Nhu Long, Quan Long Phi Phung, Quyet War Wanderer,

Miss martial arts superstar's wife plays a scene "fight "34;  attract millions of views - 1

Young beauty of Loi Tri.

Among them, the rare “fight” scene of Loi Tri in the movie Flying Dragon Red School (1990) is considered the most impressive. On the bilibili platform, the scene of Loi Tri wearing a sexy swimsuit “fighting” with an opponent is extremely interesting.

The Dragon from Russia/The Dragon from Russia with the participation of the most famous female stars at that time such as Ly Le Tran, Loi Tri, Truong Man Ngoc, Ngo Gia Le and male stars such as Thach Thien, Hua Quan Kiet,… The film was directed by Huo Dieu Luong. acting, adapted from the famous Japanese manga series. The Sohu newspaper commented that the Flying Dragon Red School Gathering the “goddess” cast is not easy, this is also the main reason why the film attracts audiences to theaters.

Miss martial arts superstar's wife plays a scene "fight "34;  attract millions of views - 3

The hot action scene of Loi Tri and Hua Quan Kiet in the movie.

According to the film’s content, at the end of the 20th century, a mysterious organization formed the Bat Bach Long assassin group. However, a member of the association named Trac Cau secretly left the organization and fled to the Soviet Union. Here, Trac Cau adopted two children, a boy and a girl, Dieu Long (Hua Quan Kiet) and Diep Mo My (Truong Man Ngoc).

Dieu Long and Mo My love each other and promise to be together forever. However, one fateful day, Yao Long witnesses a murder committed by a mysterious assassin. After that, he was arrested and brainwashed by a mysterious organization named Bat Bach Long. Having amnesia, Yao Long trains in extreme conditions to become the number 1 assassin of this organization. With outstanding talent, Dieu Long quickly passed the tests and became a killing machine codenamed Free man. Here, Dieu Long and Le That Long’s daughter Viem Chau (Ly Le Tran) gradually fell in love.

During a mission, Dieu Long accidentally encountered Mu Mei but at this time he did not recognize her. Mu Mei decided to find a way to help Dieu Long recover his memory. After learning that Mu My was kidnapped, Dieu Long did not hesitate to attack the leading organization to save the girl he loved. Despite the strict rules of an assassin, Yao Long chooses love and runs away with Mu Mei. Knowing Dieu Long betrayed, Bat Bach Long organization ordered assassins to kill both.

Miss martial arts superstar's wife plays a scene "fight "34;  attract millions of views - 4

The “fight” scene attracts the audience of Ly Lien Kiet’s wife.

In the film, Loi Tri takes on the role of a female assassin of the Bat Bach Long organization. She and Hua Quan Kiet have a very sexy duel scene in the bathroom. Although she only played a supporting role, the beauty and acting of Miss Hong Kong 1986 was very impressive. In this scene, Loi Tri wears a black swimsuit cleverly showing off her perfect curves.

No need to take off, the most beautiful Miss Asia still proves her charm thanks to beautiful martial arts scenes or sensitive “touching” phases. This is also a rare film where viewers see Loi Tri acting action scenes on screen.

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