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My mother let my wife eat stale rice, I sent her home then fainted listening to her mother’s words

My wife gave birth to a child by chance while I was on a business trip. Also because she gave birth a little early, I didn’t expect it, otherwise I will also ask the boss to give it to someone else. However, once left, unfinished work cannot be returned immediately.

Luckily, I had picked up my mother from the countryside before, the intention was to ask her to take care of my wife during childbirth and at least look after her granddaughter so she could return to work. The mother-in-law died early, for several days the wife was in the hospital with only the mother-in-law to take care of. After my wife gave birth a week, I returned from work.

My mother let my wife eat stale rice, I told her to go back to her hometown and fainted listening to her mother's sentence - 1

After my wife gave birth a week, I returned from work. (Illustration)

So excited, as soon as I got off the airport, I immediately ran home to see my baby’s face. It was my first child, a very beautiful and healthy baby girl. However, seeing that my wife and children were sleeping soundly, I decided to take a shower first to get rid of the dust and odor.

Opening the kitchen door, I saw my mother was preparing food for her daughter-in-law, and it was almost time for dinner. When he saw me, he was very surprised. But I was even more surprised when I saw the tray of food he prepared for his wife. The rice tray was very sketchy, only a bowl of rice and a few pieces of salted fried meat, no soup or other fruits.

During my time at work, in my spare time, I also go online to learn about how to cook meals for newborn women. Seeing the food tray as a model, and seeing the food my mother prepared for my daughter-in-law, I was furious with her. I snatched the rice tray from his hand, taking a closer look, I became even more angry when I saw the cold fried meat had not been heated, and even the bowl of rice that was still cold rice from the previous day looked rancid. .

Anger that could not be contained, I immediately said to my mother: “If you can’t take care of her, then go back to your hometown, I’ll hire someone. Since I picked you up, if you don’t like helping your children or have any prejudice against them, you should tell them right away. Who in the world would treat your children- their children like this?”.

I was very disappointed, never expected my mother to be like that. When picked up, he was very happy because he would carry his grandson. However, my mother gave my wife rotten rice?

I had already decided then, even if my mother was angry, I should take her home, but her reply then knocked me out: “I will take care of my children and grandchildren, but I am still kind enough to treat other people’s children like that!”

Back then, when I heard my mother tell me, I knew that my wife was hiding a shocking secret. On the first day, when I came home from the hospital, in the middle of the night my mother brought porridge for her daughter-in-law to eat late at night, when she heard her phone with someone. He told my wife to try to hold it in for a while, when he could divorce his wife, he would come and take care of the mother and child.

Mother let my wife eat stale rice, I sent her home and then fainted listening to her sentence - 3

The more I think about it, the more I regret it, what did I do wrong? (Illustration)

It can’t be hidden anymore, because only undergoing a DNA test to find out the truth, my wife has to confess everything. It turned out that because I traveled a lot on business, my wife felt lonely and went with a married man. They wanted to come together, but unfortunately another man did not divorce, his wife had to temporarily let me “pour”. With great bitterness, I went to work to earn money to buy a house for my wife and children, but in the end I received such harsh retribution.

She cries and begs my mother to let her stay for a while, now carrying her red baby down the street aimlessly. My mother was sorry, the woman had just given birth and the child had just given birth, so she let her stay, giving her food as alms. That’s good enough, how can I ask him to take good care of him!

Can’t bear to send the mother and daughter away because they are human, at least it’s still a pity, I have to go to the company to sleep to avoid meeting. But the more I think about it, the more I hate it, what did I do wrong, why are women now so frivolous and shallow?

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