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In the Three Kingdoms, besides the wise men, heroes, and geniuses, there are also outstanding talents who are proficient in many fields. Among them, Hoa Tu, the famous “medicine god”, can be considered as a typical example.

Hua Tuo is considered to have made many contributions in the history of medicine in China. Even Hoa Tu is considered one of the four most famous great doctors in the history of this country.

Hua Tuo, native to Nguyen Hoa, was born in 145, in Tieu district, Bai country (now Bo Chau, Anhui province, China). Born and raised in the context of constant wars, miserable people’s lives, raging epidemics, Hoa Da was determined to study medicine to be able to cure diseases and save lives.

When she was young, Hua Tuo went to many places such as Anhui, Shandong, and Hebei (China)… to learn from the experiences and strengths of contemporary famous doctors, and at the same time constantly improve her medical skills. self. As a result, Hua Tuo quickly became a famous physician, especially during the last years of the Eastern Han Dynasty.

  If Cao Cao takes the risk and allows Hua Tuo to dissect his skull, experts: Only this outcome!  - Photo 1.

In the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Hua Da used to treat Guan Yu’s illness.

In the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Hua Tuo is known mainly for treating Guan Yu’s illness. Specifically, at that time, Quan Vu was poisoned by an arrow, so he invited Hoa Da to come for treatment. Because the poison had penetrated into the bones, in order to cure Guan Yu, Hua Tuo decided to operate to scrape the poison while Guan Yu calmly played chess.

Although the medical equipment at that time was still simple, there was not even a sterile operating room, but Hoa Tu was still able to successfully conduct an operation for Guan Yu. This also contributes to Hoa Tu’s reputation.

According to records, Hua Tuo is also known to have applied the anesthetic technique, using a mixture of alcohol and herbs, known as Ma Wai Can. This is indeed surprising. Because Westerners only applied anesthetic techniques during surgery 1,600 years later.

In the “Later Han Shu” there is also a record of the existence of Ma waste canopy. According to the research of experts, the canopy not only has an anesthetic effect, but also relieves pain, especially in some surgeries. Although it is not possible to achieve the effect of general anesthesia, but Ma Mau can indeed help the patient to be comatose during surgery and from there the operation can go smoothly.

Hua Tuo practiced medicine all her life and saved countless lives. However, this famous doctor also accidentally distrusted a person. That was Tran Dang, a conspirator of Cao Cao, later became the Crown Prince of Quang Lang.

During his life, Tran Dang maintained a habit of eating raw meat, so his health was affected. After receiving medical examination and treatment by Hoa Da, Tran Dang’s illness was in remission and his health was also better.

However, before leaving, Hoa Da warned Tran Dang not to eat fish. In addition, after three years, Tran Dang’s illness will still recur, so at that time, remember to send someone to Hoa Da’s house to get medicine.

As a result, three years later, Tran Dang really relapsed and went to Hoa Da’s house. Unfortunately, at that time Hoa Tu was not at home, while Tran Dang was in a critical condition and eventually lost his life.

Among the famous patients of Hua Tuo, Cao Cao is perhaps the most special character. At that time, Cao Cao suffered from a severe headache and had to go to Hua Tuo for treatment after trying many ways without success.

Thanks to Hoa Tu acupuncture, Cao Cao’s headache also gradually decreased. However, this chronic disease is not completely curable.

  If Cao Cao takes the risk and allows Hua Tuo to dissect his skull, experts: Only this outcome!  - Photo 2.

According to Hua Tuo, the only way to cure Cao Cao’s headache was to have a skull surgery.

After examining, Hua Tuo discovered the cause of Cao Cao’s disease. Therefore, acupuncture cannot be used to cure diseases. Instead, the only way is to cut open the skull to remove the poison. However, Cao Cao did not agree, even then ordered Hua Tuo to be arrested and prosecuted.

So, the question arises: If Cao Cao agrees to let Hua Tuo perform cranial surgery, how will everything turn out? According to experts, the outcome turned out to be only one.

It was Cao Cao who died in this operation and Hua Tuo would be executed for the ineffective treatment of Cao Cao’s condition.

In fact, there are many reasons to explain the above result.

Why can Hoa Tu’s surgery fail?

  If Cao Cao takes the risk and allows Hua Tuo to dissect his skull, experts: Only this outcome!  - Photo 3.

Although Hoa Tu had superior medical skills, brain surgery at that time was still extremely risky.

First, It’s a matter of experience. In modern medicine, brain surgeons need to develop a protocol and test it many times before starting the actual surgery. However, brain surgery is still considered major surgery with many risks. Hua Tuo at that time had superior medical skills but had no experience in performing similar surgeries.

Second, Although there is a method of anesthesia in surgery, Hoa Tu’s Ma Van Hoa cannot induce general anesthesia. In addition to anesthesia, the Three Kingdoms period did not have sterilization, light, equipment, hemostasis, and blood transfusion techniques, so the major craniotomy could not be completed.

Tuesday, Hua Tuo alone is also very difficult to perform craniofacial surgery. Because this major surgery can take a long time. While modern medicine has sophisticated electronic equipment to assist, Hua Tuo is alone, lacking both manpower and equipment to perform surgery. Moreover, during the skull surgery, if there is an accident, Cao Cao will definitely lose his life. This is very dangerous indeed.

Perhaps Cao Cao himself also foresaw the risk when performing cranial surgery, so he did not do it, and then quickly killed this famous “medicine god”.

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