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Russia prepares to respond to new EU sanctions package

Nhat Linh (TV reporter in Russia)Wednesday, April 6, 2022 19:09 GMT+7

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky visited the town of Bucha on April 4 Photo: Reuters

The Russian Foreign Ministry today warned of proportional countermeasures from Russia in order to protect its legitimate interests in various fields.

On April 5, President Putin announced that Russia will monitor its food exports to “unfriendly” countries in the context of the West increasing sanctions on Russia related to the conflict. conflict in Ukraine. Russia has also suspended the simplified visa system for citizens of these countries.

Before that, the Russian President’s demand for gas payments to unfriendly countries in rubles, as well as the ability to expand the list of exports in rubles, made the US and European countries fall into the trap. that’s difficult.

Meanwhile, the Russian Foreign Ministry has also made strong moves against the ongoing wave of expulsion of Russian diplomats in Europe. The Russian side has decided to expel many diplomats from the Baltic countries and warn the governments of some European countries that are worsening bilateral relations.

Along with Russia’s military campaign in Ukraine is a war on many fronts between Russia and Western countries. The embargo war, the information war and even a war on the diplomatic front that neither side showed any signs of backing down.

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