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Suggesting camping items that are both beautiful and convenient

The holidays don’t know what to do, why don’t we organize camping with family and friends? Camp Picnic is not only fun but also helps to connect people very effectively.

Take advantage of the cool weather, and immediately buy these beautiful and convenient camping items to go with the whole family!  - Photo 1.

Camping is a trend that many people love.

Recommend camping items

Definitely a tent

First, the indispensable item in camping trips is a tent. With a camping tent, we can comfortably rest inside without worrying about rain or shine. Especially for long camping trips, the tent will be even more essential!

Depending on your needs, you should choose a tent of the right size.

[Box tag giá] – Camp

Tent size: 210 x 150 x 110cm suitable for 2 to 3 people.

Camping mats are also essential

A carpet will be an extremely versatile and loving item when camping, the whole family can sit on the carpet to rest, chat, arrange furniture or eat. Different from normal mats, camping mats will be waterproof and foldable.

Women who like to take virtual photos can also find carpets with beautiful textures and patterns!

[Box tag giá] – Camping mats

The mat is made of durable and breathable nylon material, which is easy to wipe clean and dries quickly within minutes.

Can’t help but buy a folding table

To make your camping trip more perfect and enjoyable, a folding table is indispensable. The table can be used in many different situations such as drinking, eating, cooking or chatting with people.

These camping tables are foldable so you can carry them around easily.

[Box tag giá] – Camping table

The table is made of thick and durable material, so you can rest assured to use it for a long time.

Adding a folding chair is a “standard post”

If there is a table, then there must be a new set of chairs. Like camping tables, this chair can be folded very neatly, convenient to put in the car and carry away.

Sit on the chairs and enjoy the fresh natural air, then read a book, listen to music or do whatever you like, you’ve heard “chill” right?

[Box tag giá] – Camping chair

The chair is super light, can bear a load of 150kg each and sit very comfortably, ladies!

Set of pots and pans for those who love to cook

Going camping, but you can still show off your cooking skills. Besides a dedicated kitchen, pots and pans are indispensable items. The outdoor cooking experience is also very interesting!

[Box tag giá] – Camping pot set

Set includes 1 large pot, 1 medium pot, 1 frying pan, two food plates, and two water cups.

Camping lights for when it’s dark

If camping overnight, you definitely cannot lack specialized flashlights. These lights are designed to be both comfortable to hold and hang up.

Not only used in picnics, but this type of light can also be used in many other cases such as going on the road, hanging a bicycle, climbing a mountain…

[Box tag giá] – Camping lights

Instead of using some types of electrical products that need to be charged regularly, this versatile outdoor led light is powered by a battery. You can bring spare batteries to replace when the battery runs out.

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