The actress’s bustling love road full of young men sued her husband for children

It seems that the path of the singer/actress is very favorable, and she is charming with all young men, but all boys are dashing and six-pack.

Love stories in showbiz is always a “hot topic” and receives the attention of many fans. Any rumors about this singer dating that actor, that model breaking up with a certain singer will attract the attention of many people.

This is also completely understandable when the private life of celebrities is always the subject of “trading and selling” stories of netizens.

Recently, it is rumored that a certain actress and singer has just found the love of her life as a handsome and extremely masculine young man.

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As revealed, “the female lead” is a famous singer/actress, temporarily called A. She is a familiar face in many dramas.

Many years ago, “A” attracted attention when officially married a rich businessman and the couple quickly welcomed the sweet fruit of a handsome son. 3 years after getting married, it is rumored that the marriage of this singer/actress has shown signs of rift.

However, at that time, A repeatedly denied and said that because of her busy schedule, she had little time to share about her family, but there were no problems as people speculated.

However, things started to change. A decided to announce the divorce. Sharing with the press, “A” said that only 2 years after marriage, she and her husband divorced but still decided to keep it a secret because the child was too young.

And since then, the battle for custody of the children of A and her ex-husband has become a very hot topic on social networks. Day by day, A regularly updates the child custody dispute and longing for her son on her personal page. A also confirmed that her ex-husband prevented her from visiting her children.

On his side, A’s ex-husband said he did not understand why when the child was sick, he did not remember him, when the child was strong, he returned to claim the child. The fights between A and her ex-husband make netizens tired because many people think that the most hurt people are children.

When netizens were tired of back and forth, A revealed that she was dating a junior – a singer who used to come from a “phenomenal” group. This dating story became noisy when this singer was “accused” of leaving his wife and children in the countryside to be with an older woman.

Before the noise, this singer had to speak up and say that he and his wife had broken up for a long time, claiming that he was harmed. Although both A and this singer do not admit to being in love, it seems that the two of them together are not strange to everyone.

After a while, people no longer see A appearing with the singer but a young actor instead. At the same time, this singer also went online to confirm his relationship status: Single.

Since then, people have constantly seen A appear next to another guy, young and possessing a “tight” 6-pack body. The two often appear on livestream together and comfortably accompany in many events.

It seems that A really has a predestined relationship with young men. Many people even expressed their jealousy towards this mother of one child.

It seems that A’s love life is no less exciting than any primetime movie.

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