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The driver drove across the border to fill up with gas because the price was so cheap

Wednesday, April 6, 2022 15:00 PM (GMT+7)

Many people from Singapore have come to Malaysia to refuel because the price of RON 95 petrol in Singapore is 3 SGD/liter (50,513 VND/liter), nearly 5 times more expensive than the price of RON 95 petrol in Malaysia which is 2.05 RM/liter. (11,099 VND/liter).

On April 1, the border between Malaysia and Singapore reopened, meaning that Malaysians working in Singapore can return home without having to be tested and isolated.

Singaporeans have driven to Malaysia for many purposes, one of which is to refuel. The exchange rate difference between SDG and RM is very large, moreover, the price of petrol RON 95 in Malaysia is being strongly subsidized by the government of this country.

Currently, RON 95 gasoline in Malaysia is priced at RM 2.05 / liter (VND 11,099 / liter), even RON 97 gasoline is only priced at RM 4 / liter (VND 21,656 / liter). Meanwhile in Singapore, the price of gasoline RON 95 is at 3 SGD / liter (50,513 VND / liter), the price of gasoline RON 98 is 3.47 SGD / liter (58,427 VND / liter).

Because there are too many private vehicles carrying Singapore number plates to Malaysia to fill up with RON 95 gasoline, the people of this country are not satisfied.

After receiving the above information, the Malaysian Government immediately issued a new decision: Banning employees of domestic gas stations from selling subsidized gasoline to vehicles with foreign license plates, including cars and motorbikes. At the same time, the Malaysian Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Rights also issued instructions to gas stations near the Singapore border to ensure that businesses will not sell RON 95 gasoline subsidized by the government. for vehicles without Malaysian number plates.

The Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Rights has also passed a new law and disseminated it to local departments to monitor, inspect and penalize petrol and oil trading units that sell gasoline. subsidies for vehicles bearing foreign number plates in two areas adjacent to the Singapore and Thailand borders.

According to the above law, the individual fine for violations is 1 million Ringgit (about 5.4 billion VND) and 3 years imprisonment, for organizations, the fine is 2 million Ringgit (about 10.8 billion VND). .

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