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The pilot made 10 calls and could not contact Cat Bi airport air traffic

Confirmed with VTC News on the afternoon of April 6, General Director of Vietnam Flight Management Corporation (VATM) Doan Huu Gia said that there was the above job, but it was not the air traffic controller who was operating the flight but the pilot did not contact. Okay.

The pilot made 10 calls and could not contact the air traffic at Cat Bi airport - 1

Cat Bi air traffic control tower. (Photo of Cat Bi airport)

Accordingly, the incident happened on the morning of March 18 with flight VJ671 from Hai Phong to Buon Ma Thuot. The plane is scheduled to take off at 6:15 am on the same day.

However, the pilot contacted the air traffic controller quite early, from about 5:30 pm, more than 10 times on the communication frequency and 3 times on the emergency frequency to coordinate flight information, but no control was found. the air traffic controller replied.

The pilot then contacted the ACC command in Hanoi. Immediately after that, ACC Hanoi immediately contacted the control tower of Cat Bi airport, about 6 o’clock, the air traffic controller at Cat Bi contacted the pilot of the flight to depart on time.

Immediately after the incident, leaders of VAMT and leaders of Northern Flight Management Company directly went to work with relevant individuals in Cat Bi. According to CCTV in the control room, when the pilot called, the air traffic controller was not wearing a headset (headphone and control microphone) so he did not know there was a call.

Affirming that this was not an incident threatening flight safety, the VATM leader said that the plane then took off on time, ensuring safety according to regulations.

However, VANT leaders immediately asked for solutions in case air traffic controllers do not wear headsets, must have bells, keep watch in time to avoid the situation of being absent-minded.

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