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The strange coincidence between two giants Trinh Van Quyet and Do Anh Dung

The violations of Mr. Trinh Van Quyet and Do Anh Dung caused 2 shocks that pulled the stock market down, causing many investors to struggle.

In December 2021, Tan Hoang Minh Group won the auction of a gold plot of land in Thu Thiem Urban Area (HCMC) with a sky-high price. This auction led to a virtual land fever along with a fever of real estate stocks on the stock exchange. A series of real estate stocks “followed” increased in price after that time.

However, when the virtual fever was raging, the market was shaken by the news that Tan Hoang Minh asked to leave the deposit and did not buy the above-mentioned golden land lot, which resulted in a sell-off of real estate stocks, causing many homeowners to lose money. investment is not timely return.

In January 2022, the market received the next shock when Mr. Trinh Van Quyet sold 74.8 million FLC shares without disclosing information according to regulations, leading to a sharp decline in the stock market, many shares stocks are involved, especially real estate stocks.

The strange coincidence between two giants Trinh Van Quyet and Do Anh Dung
Two giants Trinh Van Quyet and Do Anh Dung and the ‘shocks’ in the stock market

After 3 consecutive gaining sessions, the stock market slowed down its rally in the April 5 session in the context of the State Securities Commission canceling 9 bond offerings of some companies. The VNIndex lost 4.67 points (0.31%) in the red on a large scale. Market liquidity was only 20.5 trillion dong matched on HoSE, showing the cautious sentiment of investors in the current period.

News of the cancellation of 9 bond lots of Tan Hoang Minh had a negative impact on real estate, causing many codes to sink in red IDC (-3%), DIG (-1.6%), KBC (- 1.8%), ITA (-0.6%), HQC (-2.5%)… FLC stocks also dropped in this session after the news of arresting one more person from the Accounting Department. corporations like FLC (-2.2%), ROS (-5.4%), ART (-7.3%), HAI (-3.8%), AMD (-5.4%), KLF ( -5%).

Stocks with high market value such as banking codes also fell, VPB (-1.8%), MBB (-1.1%), TCB (-1.2%), STB (-1) .2%), CTG (-1.5%), TPB (-1.1%), SHB (-1.8%), ACB (-1.5%)… and securities with SSI (- 1.6%), SHS (-1.8%), VIX (-2%), HCM (-1.9%), VCI (-1.2%), ORS (-1.4%), FTS (-1.6%)… simultaneously corrected today as profit-taking pressure increased.

On the other side, the world oil price increased again recently, helping the oil and gas group to prosper again, such as BSR (+1.9%), PVD (+0.7%), OIL (+0.7%). +1.1%), PSH (+1.6%), TDG (+0.4%), GAS (+1.7%)…

Commenting on the market, SSI Securities Company said that the trading volume in the session of April 5 decreased sharply, showing that it is likely that VN-Index will return to the uptrend from the support area of ​​1,515 – 1,520 points to continue. went up to challenge the nearest resistance at 1,537 points.

The matching liquidity continued to decline and was the second session in a row lower than the 20-day average, showing that investor sentiment is being cautious at the moment. However, from a technical perspective, SHS Securities Company believes that the market trend is still positive and the uptrend may soon return in the near future.

SHS forecasts that, in the next trading session on April 6, VN-Index may fluctuate and move sideways with a range of 1,515-1,530 points. Investors who participated in buying before in the support zone of 1,425-1,450 points can continue to hold the current portfolio and take profit if the market enters the resistance zone in the range of 1,530-1,550 points.

According to Bao Viet Securities Company, in the process of going up, the market may appear shaking and adjusting rhythms. That is considered a good opportunity for investors to continue to increase the proportion of short-term positions in the portfolio to a high level. However, BVSC noted that disbursement should only be made when the market and stocks adjust to catch up with the alternating movement of sectors and stocks.

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