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“This is on par with a restaurant meal, isn’t it?”

Fried fish balls are one of the very popular snacks, not only because of the taste suitable for many customers but also because of the affordable price. It can be said that this is one of the dishes in the delicious – nutritious – cheap standard of foodies.

Usually, each fried fish ball skewers will cost an average of about 10k, so just about 50k is enough to warm your stomach in the late afternoon or an evening out with a group of friends. However, recently, a girl shared a box of fried fish balls with a price of 500k, making everyone on the internet panic. Because at a glance, this box of fried fish balls is not too much, so the price of 500k is really a bit expensive.

Without asking first, the girl had to eat a box of fried fish balls for 500k: Is this equivalent to a meal in a restaurant?  - Photo 1.

According to the owner of the clip, because it was raining, she stopped in to eat but forgot to ask the price first. As a result, when I paid the bill, I was so excited, I didn’t expect that I only ate fried fish balls, but it was equal to the meal in the restaurant.

It is known that the price of each fried skewers here is about 25k, quite expensive compared to other places.

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Below the shared clip, netizens were also surprised at the price. Many people who have eaten have assessed that this box of fried pellets is only about 120k – 150k. However, there is also an opinion that there are some types of fried pellets in which the price is high, so the total amount is raised like that.

Anyway, this is also a lesson for us to learn when eating out. If you’ve been to a strange restaurant that doesn’t have the price listed in the menu, feel free to ask for the price first!

Source: TikTok @du_ins an-trong-na-hang-roi-i-20220406171501926.chn

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