Top 3 squads that suffered the heaviest nerfs from Riot after update 12.6b

Challenge – Chemistry

Since version 12.6 came out, the Challenger – Chemistry lineup with Warwick is the center that always shows overwhelming strength no matter who the opponent is with what technology core. Basically, Warwick is a champion suitable for all matches when this character has the ability to deal damage based on a percentage of maximum health. Combined with the large attack speed source and the damage reduction effects from Challenger and Chemistry, Warwick becomes too difficult to counter at the moment.

Teamfight Tactics: The top 3 squads suffered the heaviest nerfs from Riot after update 12.6b - Photo 1.

Warwick won’t be as powerful after this nerf

However, when upgrading to version 12.6b, this hegemony of Warwick was completely reduced. The first is that in the base attack speed stat being nerfed will make Warwick interact with items and the effect of increasing attack speed is much worse than before. Next is the fact that the Challenger system itself also suffers from a reduction in bonus attack speed and the same goes for the damage reduction of the Chemical Skill race. As a result, the Challenger – Chemistry team was completely nerfed in both damage and survivability.


Strengths of the Assassin system at Truth Arena season 6.5 is that they can be strong very early with a series of strong 1-2 gold champions like Nocturne, Twitch, Talon. This means that at level 6 you can both roll Talon 3 stars, and at the same time push both Nocturne and Twitch to this level and save a large amount of gold. All thanks to Talon and Twitch’s ridiculously large damage despite their extremely low purchase price.

Teamfight Tactics: Top 3 squads most heavily nerfed by Riot after update 12.6b - Photo 2.

Talon continues to be in the sights of Riot

This hegemony of the Assassin team will most likely be stopped in the upcoming patch 12.6b when both Twitch and Talon because they receive nerfs in terms of damage and ability to launch. Keep in mind that Twitch itself has been nerfed for skill damage before, with increasing max mana to 45 the frequency of this unit’s ability to cast is even lower. With Talon also getting reduced skill damage, will the Assassin team switch to playing around Kha’Zix?


Needless to say, Tech is the race fully buffed by Riot Games in version 12.6 when stats such as attack damage, shields… all get stronger over time. As a result, this race became “excessively” strong throughout the duration of the match. With Teamfight Tactics without a champion or race – any system that really counters the ability to create shields, Tech is a rather unbalanced race.

Teamfight Tactics: Top 3 squads most heavily nerfed by Riot after update 12.6b - Photo 3.

Sivir it won’t be as easy to take down opponents as before the attack speed amount from the move is nerfed

And then the edit that Riot offered was to nerf the basic amount of shields that this race provides to reduce the “buffalo” level of Technology. Furthermore, the two main units of this lineup are Lucian and Sivir are all nerfed the ability to deal damage, so the amount of damage output from them will be reduced relatively. Of course, these changes are not enough to make Tech completely disappear from the meta, but will make gamers consider a lot more when deciding to build it.

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