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True information a victim is “pregnant”

On April 6, talking to the press, a leader of Ca Mau General Hospital said that the health condition of the suspect related to the murder of 3 people in a family of Nguyen Hoang Len (SN 1989) had changed. through the crisis. The wounds have been handled well by the medical staff, the patient is awake and recognizable.

The tragedy of 3 deaths in Ca Mau: The truth is that a victim is

The scene of the tragedy caused public opinion in Ca Mau

“Patient Nguyen Hoang Len was admitted to the hospital in a coma due to a perforation of the abdomen and pleura” – this person added.

Also related to the above tragedy, the head of cluster 6, Cai Doi Vam town, Phu Tan district, Ca Mau province informed that Ms. TTMT (SN 1989 – one of the 3 victims) once held a wedding with the suspect Len around November 2021 but it is not known whether the marriage has been registered or not. Regarding the spread of information that Ms. T. was pregnant, through an autopsy, the authorities confirmed that this information was incorrect.

As reported, on the morning of April 5, after returning home, Mr. Tran Van Huong (group 6, Cai Doi Vam town) was dumbfounded when he discovered that his wife was Mrs. NNX (SN 1964) and her daughter, Mrs. Ms. TTMT (SN 1989) and her grandson PMT (SN 2016) died at the back house of the family. The victims’ bodies were covered in blood.

The case was reported to the authorities. By professional measures, Ca Mau Provincial Police initially identified the suspect involved in the case as Nguyen Hoang Len (SN 1989) with signs of suicide, serious injuries, and was taken to the emergency room. htm

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