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Uniqlo introduces ‘Together We Evolve’ campaign

Along with the message of “Together We Evolve”, the Uniqlo Saigon Center store, representing the spirit of modernity, innovation and constantly moving forward, is part of Uniqlo’s long-term commitment in Vietnam to help people’s lives. Making everyone’s life better through the LifeWear philosophy.

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Inspired by Ho Chi Minh City’s energy, optimism, enthusiasm and constantly moving forward, the campaign “Together We Evolve: Uniqlo Saigon Center – Transforming with Saigon” emphasizes the suitability with connection of LifeWear philosophy in the context of continuous development and daily life of the people here.

Accompanying the campaign are famous faces with outstanding contributions in various fields to the future development of the city. Each character connects their own story to the place they were born, grew up or where they found and conquered their dreams in a unique way.

Thereby, the campaign offers an insight into how LifeWear blends with the ever-changing rhythm of the city from every moment of everyday life.

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