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Vietnamese men make beauty

After 12 hours of surgery, painful “life is not equal to death” but Phuoc Cuong’s face changed completely, his career also gradually sublimated.

Ten years ago, just graduated from high school, the 29-year-old man from Da Nang went to China to study interior design. Passionate about art and has a bit of talent, he applied to be a dancer in a bar to have money to support his life. When he applied for a job, Cuong was rejected bluntly with the reason “we need someone with a beautiful face, he is not suitable”. The shock of his appearance is the motivation for him to go to work as a restaurant waiter and accumulate money to work Cosmetic Surgery.

In 2011, Tran Dang Phuoc Cuong had his first nose job at a cost of 5 million VND.

In 2012, he had surgery to cut the wings of his nose and lengthen the tip of his nose. This time back to Shanghai, the 19-year-old confidently asked to be a photo model for fashion shops. “I realized the paint was just as important as the wood,” he says.

In 2013, Cuong cut his lips and padded his chin. Four years later, he had a 12-hour operation to lower his cheekbones, cut his jawbone, reshape his nose and slide his chin. Waking up after the surgery, his body was hot, his mind was dizzy from the anesthetic. “It was then that I understood what life is not equal to death,” Cuong said. Thinking of the opportunities his good looks brought, he gritted his teeth in pain.

In 2019, Cuong once again stepped into the operating room to fill the smile line and correct his nose. The total cost of 9 surgeries in 10 years cost nearly a billion dong.

The demand for shopping for makeup and beauty products has been increasing sharply in the US in recent months.  Photo: Bloomberg.

Tran Dang Phuoc Cuong before (left) and after plastic surgery (right). Photo: Characters provided

Hoang Anh Tuan, 28 years old, in Hai Ba Trung district, Hanoi also understands better than anyone the pain of cutting skin and cutting flesh when undergoing nearly a dozen surgeries to perfect the face. Previously, Tuan did not focus too much on appearance, but after the first date the girl he liked commented “looking at him like a deformed”, Tuan decided to change.

From 2014 until now, he injected collagen into his face, made teeth, chin surgery and four times to make nose, costing nearly half a billion dong. “The first week after each surgery, I was in so much pain that I just wished I could die for a few days. For a month I could only eat pork and a few vegetables,” he said. Compensating for that pain, from a guy with slightly protruding teeth, tan skin and flat nose, Tuan’s face is now angular, high nose, double eyelids clear eyes.

Tuan noticed, there were five people with him to prepare for surgery, two of which were male. Realizing the beauty needs of Vietnamese men, in 2020, Tuan opens a business dealing in cosmetics and beauty treatments in Thai Nguyen and Hanoi.

“35% of my company’s customers are men, aged 25-35. They mostly work in banking and offices, often using skin rejuvenation and whitening services,” the young boss said. said.

Doctor – Doctor Pham Thi Viet Dung, Head of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery Department, Bach Mai Hospital, said that the number of Vietnamese men having plastic surgery is not much, but it tends to increase in recent years, about 5% each year.

The first group of men who do surgery are men with physical defects such as burns, accidents, injuries, birth defects… Previously, they just wanted to cure and improve function, but now they want to be beautiful. The second group is people who do not want to be old and boring.

“Society is developing more and more, life does not stop at food and clothing, but arises many other needs, including perfecting the body,” Dung said.

Not to the point of having to cutlery, but IT engineer Nguyen Duc, in Hanoi, found he needed to improve his appearance when his dark skin, gray hair, bloated belly, and muscles disappeared after more than 10 years of dedication to his career. “In those days, my wife often complained that I was going to code. There was a time when I was mistaken for my wife’s father. My friends often used my appearance to make fun of me”, Mr. Duc said.

Last year, taking advantage of being able to work from home because of Covid-19, he ordered a home skin care course. Every night, his wife would make a mask for the two of them to take care of their skin. When his wife sat at the table to apply moisturizer and whitening cream, he did the same thing. No matter how busy Germany is, she has to spend 20 minutes taking care of her skin every day, with more than 10 creams and serums of all kinds.

After half a year, Duc’s skin is white and smooth, weight from 90 kg to 75 kg. Going to work, he dyed his hair black with glue, making it impossible for his friends to recognize him.

People like Mr. Duc have contributed to the growth of the men’s cosmetics market in Vietnam in recent years. Le Thi Ngoc Ngan, head of the research and development department of a cosmetics business in Ho Chi Minh City, said that compared to the first year of establishment (2016) and 2021, the company’s sales of men’s cosmetics have tripled. . “Currently, many businesses have turned to men’s cosmetics business because of the potential market and less competition,” Ngan said.

Globally, the men’s makeup and personal care industry is projected to reach $166 billion by 2022, according to Allied Market Research. According to market research firm Euromonitor, 56% of American men claim to have used foundation, concealer or BB cream at least once in 2018.

The driving force behind the men’s cosmetics industry lies in the Asia-Pacific region. According to Mintel, the beauty market here is worth 13.1 billion USD and ranks in the top 10 beauty markets in the world.

Statistics at a large supermarket chain in Vietnam, men’s skin care products account for 20% of this industry group with a growth rate of 10-20% per year.

A doctor paints a Chinese man's face, before surgery, at a clinic in Beijing, last year.  Photo: AFP.

A doctor paints a Chinese man’s face, before surgery, at a clinic in Beijing, last year. Photo:AFP.

Since fixing his appearance, Tran Dang Phuoc Cuong himself has found that his personality has changed completely. In the past, he was willing to take a tit-for-tat with those who despised him. But now Cuong does not accept it anymore. “I keep my happiness in my heart, when I’m sad, I leave. Having to behave well to be worthy of my current appearance is what I always aim for”, he shared.

His career also improved significantly. After the first surgery, he was accepted as a dancer. Right after finishing the last plastic surgery in 2019 at a large Chinese cosmetic company, Cuong was invited by the director of this company to be a representative. In Vietnam, Cuong runs a fashion business and works as a stylist for some artists. In Shanghai, he modeled and shot commercials.

Like Mr. Duc, Hoang Anh Tuan said that form helps him to be confident in everything. He met many people and was close to the showbiz world. Standing in front of the crowd, he walks, speaks naturally, so he always attracts listeners.

Recently, Tuan sent a friend to the girl who was cruel to him 5 years ago, on another social networking application. “It took a long time to talk to her before she realized I was the Hoang Anh Tuan she used to know,” he said. Currently, Tuan is dating a girl with a beautiful appearance that, without surgery, he thought he could not reach.

However, many people are still strict with men’s beauty. Two years after opening a spa, Mr. Tuan noticed that because of fear, men often order services to work at home instead of going directly to the center. Those around him who knew he had plastic surgery still asked with annoyance, “What’s wrong with having to go for plastic surgery?”

According to Dr. Dung of Bach Mai Hospital, because of fear of social prejudices, many men go to underground cosmetic centers or choose unreliable, unprofessional facilities and suffer many dangerous complications. . Nguyen Van Tien, 22 years old, in Ha Nam used to go online to find a place to fix a congenitally crooked nose, for example.

Wanting to change but afraid of being criticized, he did not consult anyone. After researching on social networks, Tien was taken to a plastic surgery facility with no sign, no commitment. After two surgeries, it cost more than 50 million VND, but every few months his nose returned to its original state. “I was both in pain and low in self-esteem when my face didn’t get better but it got worse,” he said. After two incidents, Tien was introduced to a well-known center in Hanoi. The third surgery for more than 30 million dong, the boy had the nose he wanted.

Dr. Pham Viet Dung believes that, in the not too distant future, Vietnamese men will be more open to beauty.

Now, Cuong is often praised for being handsome and hot boy. Advancing in his career, he built his mother a four-story house to replace the old run-down house. And Anh Tuan said he will expand the business’s activities, focusing more on male customers.

“I believe this will be a large market that many businesses will aim to explore,” said Mr. Tuan.

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