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Why is bank robbery ‘out of fashion’ in the new crime era?

According to FBI statistics, bank robberies have dropped by nearly 60% over the past 20 years, and the loot is getting smaller and smaller.

The average amount per robbery has nearly halved over the past 10 years, to just $6,500 each. Crime experts say smart thieves are realizing that extortion money is going down while the risk goes up.

“It’s not worth much anymore. Social media scares me,” said ClayTumey, a former inmate sentenced to 3 years and 6 months for Bank robbery speak. “Security cameras are everywhere now, social media is booming. Bank robbers are now very easy to catch.”

“Bank robberies are now largely a crime committed by daredevils or drug addicts,” said Gerald C. Clark, a former FBI agent and now an assistant professor of criminal justice at Gannon University in Erie, Pennsylvania. money-hungry”.

Before the 1990s, experts said the banking industry had a secret: Despite billions of dollars lying in vaults, security was often not as good as expected. The reason is simple, it’s the cost problem.

In the 1990s, each of the big banks' secure vaults could hold billions of dollars, but security was lax.  Photo: iCanvas

In the 1990s, each of the big banks’ secure vaults could hold billions of dollars, but security was lax. Photo: iCanvas

Bill Rehder, a retired FBI officer who has been a crime analyst in bank robberies for 30 years, said many banks calculate that it is cheaper to cover the losses from a few thefts annually. is to equip dozens, hundreds or even thousands of branches with costly security measures. Therefore, they would rather be robbed than spend money on expensive security systems.

But that economic puzzle began to change in the mid-1990s. As America ramps up its biggest bank robberies in decades. Bill Rehder said that in a single day, in Los Angeles where he was in charge, there were 28 bank robberies. Most of them were armed robbers and there were casualties.

Bill Rehder says bank employees and customers injured in thefts are starting a wave of lawsuits against banks. As a result, now robberies have cost banks much more. The FBI and bank officials sat down and decided that something had to be done.

“Unified banks, it’s time to invest millions of dollars in security in their local branches. This has spread across the country and has become the industry standard,” said Bill Rehder speak.

Measures include multi-layered “anti-robbery fences”, including bulletproof vests for tellers, metal detectors at entrances and so on. Experts say these security devices have helped prevent scams. robbery and limit theft by thieves quite significantly.

“Today, methods include investigative technology and advances in forensic science to successfully catch and prosecute bank robbers after they’ve escaped,” said Bill Rehder.

Sharper images from improved security cameras have given law enforcement better shots of perpetrators, and social media has given them greater reach to bring those images to life. the photo to the public. In September 2016, the FBI released a mobile app called FBI Bank Robbers App allows users to view photos and information about nationally wanted bank robbers.

FBI Bank Robbers App interface.  Photo: FBI

FBI Bank Robbers App interface. Photo: FBI

This app contains pictures, profiles and profiles of wanted bank robbers around the country.With the US map and various search options and filters, the app helps the public. in locating the dangerous criminals who robbed the bank.

Residents will be notified when a bank robbery occurs near their location, and there is an emergency button, allowing users to instantly report a robbery without making a call. The information will be passed directly to the FBI.

Bank robberies are also falling, experts say, as criminals are looking for less lucrative and less risky forms of risk..

Some are targeting ATMs, while the more skilled are turning to cybercriminals, carrying out virtual thefts straight from the bank accounts of major financial corporations.

In 2015, according to an IBM report, financial services were the third most damaged industry from cybercrime. In 2014, Internet security company Kaspersky Lab reported that a group of hackers had stolen a billion dollars from dozens of banks around the world, even ordering ATMs to withdraw cash at the most moments. intend to let their minions just take their bags and go there to withdraw money.

Internet Kaspersky Lab also reported that from 2003 to 2015, losses from high-tech bank thefts jumped, from $126 million to $1 billion.

While these smart thieves use IQ to rob billions of dollars without needing a bullet, during this same period, traditional bank robbers are “lost”, down from 73 million USD in 2003 down to 28 million USD in 2015.

In the US, from 2003 to 2015, total losses from bank robberies (left) decreased from $73 million to $28 million, while losses from high-tech robberies increased from $126 million to $1 billion.  Photo: Washington Post

In the US, between 2003 and 2015, total losses from bank robberies (left) decreased from $73 million to $28 million, while losses from high-tech “robbers” increased from $126 million to $1 billion USD. Photo: Washington Post

This amount is so low that British economists compare, on average, each traditional robbery earns just a little more than the minimum wage ($15,000).

“The average return of a bank robbery is negligible. A single bank raid, if successful, will not be enough for the robber to lead a lavish life for a week,” the economists said. This rating.

The trend of “bank robbery” through high technology poses high challenges to the banking industry and authorities. “Perhaps in the near future, the FBI will need more computer geniuses than good snipers,” said former FBI officer Bill Rehder.

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