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Abnormalities of children when sleeping parents need to pay attention

Since having children, parents’ hearts have always turned to their children. In the first years of a child’s life, a mother is always busy worrying about her child, struggling with all kinds of unnamed jobs from morning to night, only able to rest a little when the child is fast asleep. Looking at the cute face of the baby when sleeping, all the fatigue in an instant will disappear. However, while the baby sleeps, if the body emits some of the following abnormal signals, the mother should pay special attention.

4 abnormalities of children when sleeping, show that the body is trying to “call for help”

1. Snoring

Abnormalities of children when sleeping - Photo 1.


When children snore, it means they are not sleeping well. A cold or a stuffy nose can also cause a child to snore. However, if the condition persists for a long time but there are no obvious abnormalities, parents should carefully take their child to the hospital to check whether the child has enlarged glands or tonsils that are causing the problem. airway obstruction or not.

Besides, the fact that children snore not only threatens their health but also causes them to form bad habits, which significantly affects their future.

2. Stealing sweat

Children with these 4 signs when they sleep show that they are


When the indoor temperature is too high, calcium deficiency, fever, children often sweat while sleeping. Therefore, if the mother finds that the baby sweats a lot, it is necessary to dry it regularly, then promptly determine the cause.

If the indoor temperature is too high, the temperature should be adjusted accordingly. But if it is due to a health problem, you need to take your child to the doctor immediately.

3. Rolling, uncomfortable

Children have these 4 signs when sleeping, which proves they are


While sleeping, if you notice that the child is breathing rapidly, his face is red, he is rolling around in discomfort, he may have a fever and needs timely intervention. At this time, the mother should give the child water to drink, if the fever is high, you need to take fever-reducing medicine and depending on the specific case, there are different ways to reduce the fever.

Besides, children who are uncomfortable when sleeping can also be bitten by insects. Because children’s skin is fragile, when bitten, it will be very itchy and uncomfortable. If the baby is rolling around too much, parents should check the sleeping area first.

The rolling, discomfort while sleeping is also related to the child’s calcium deficiency, indigestion. To know if children have calcium deficiency, parents should take them for regular health check-ups. When children are young, parents should not arbitrarily supplement calcium, need the guidance of a doctor. In addition, should actively supplement calcium and vitamin D through natural sunbathing.

4. Cry, shake your head and scratch your ears

Children have these 4 signs when they sleep, which proves that they are


Sometimes the mother will find the baby crying while sleeping, sometimes picking his ears and shaking his head. Parents should observe the child’s ear canal for redness and swelling, if so, think that the child may have otitis media or other ear diseases, urgently need to take them to the hospital for examination.

In the case if the child just scratches the ear without fussing, discomfort, it is mostly due to a lot of earwax. In this case, just remove the earwax, clean it, and the child will no longer be uncomfortable, sleep well again.

On the contrary, if you see a child scratching their ears with fussiness, and the nose and throat have signs of inflammation, this may be because the child has nasopharyngitis leading to otitis media. In most cases, the child will develop a high fever. When you notice that your child has all of these symptoms, it is urgent to take the child to the hospital.

Indeed, raising children is not a simple matter, every step of a child affects parents a lot. Parents should consistently apply scientific methods to help their children develop better. bo-qua-20220406235131519.chn

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