Billionaire Roman Abramovich borrowed $1 million

According to Luxurylaunches, Russian financier Roman Abramovich is having to borrow $1 million from powerful broker friends in the US and Hollywood when his assets and bank accounts are frozen. The loan isn’t for lavish parties or another superyacht that Abramovich needs $980,000 to pay his employees. After the war in Ukraine, Abramovich was subject to sanctions from the US and EU.

Billionaire Abramovich needs to spend $785,000 per week to maintain his staff. He once caused a stir about increasing the security staff to 40 people, making the billionaire one of the most protected tycoons in the world. Abramovich employs 20 bodyguards in the UK to protect his boss during appearances on his yacht, trips to Russia and stays at his overseas properties. All these luxuries don’t come cheap, and this is just the beginning.

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Russian tycoon Roman Abramovich is currently borrowing money from his wealthy friends. Image: Hfutboll/Instagram

Owning a $600 million superyacht like Solaris is indispensable for a long list of bills to pay. This yacht has 48 cabins on 8 cascading decks and is the most expensive custom superyacht ever built. The crew alone has grown to 60 people.

As for the Eclipse superyacht, it is divided into 9 decks with a length of 167 m and requires 100 crew members to maintain and “take care”. The yacht has a main helipad at the front, a swimming pool, gym, beach club, beauty salon, garage and deck jacuzzi.

Since news of the Abramovich sanctions broke, Chelsea have begun laying off a number of personnel. However, that doesn’t seem to help Abramovich when he has just approached Hollywood giants such as Rush Hour director Ratner and the Rothschild family, who are worth $500 million.

No one is said to have agreed to lend money to Abramovich. A source told Page Six: “Abramovich is asking some powerful close friends for a loan of $1 million. He said that he has never neglected to pay employees but now the assets are frozen and the billionaire cannot do it.

The source added: “He reached out to Hollywood producer and director Brett Ratner and the Rothschild family, among many others, to borrow money. Even though they were good friends, they both did not agree to give money to Abramovich because neither of them had cash, or moreover, they did not know what the consequences could be under international law.

All those lavish parties on St Barts island or the Eclipse yacht with performances from some famous people like the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Black Eyed Peas, and even Lady Gaga have so far been in vain. The billionaire spent $2.9 million to invite Lady Gaga to perform in a 90-minute concert to entertain his “best friends”.

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Solaris superyacht glows in the night. Image: SuperYacht Times

For now, Abramovich is busy keeping his assets safe and engaging in peace talks to end hostilities in Ukraine. His earnest efforts can help unlock all that the billionaire has painstakingly built over the years.

Accordingly, at the end of February, Abramovich went to a hotel in Warsaw, Poland, met with Ukrainian government officials to agree on the details of the job he would take on: Become a neutral intermediary to help prevent loss of life and the establishment of a peace-seeking process for the Ukrainian conflict. He was not involved in formulating policies.

Over the past month, Abramovich has toured Eastern Europe, Russia, Israel and Turkey, serving as a behind-the-scenes channel. He repeatedly met with Russian and Ukrainian officials in hotel rooms and offices. He discussed with Russian President Putin and Ukrainian President Zelensky.

Ukraine’s negotiators say Abramovich is showing him a very useful “bridge”. In addition to passing Ukraine’s requests to President Putin, he also helped with many other big and small problems.

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