Busy Thursday, let Phuc Long invite you “a” milk tea to regain your spirit

For a long time, milk tea has become a spiritual “medicine” for everyone, especially young people. Young people see drinking a cup of milk tea as a way to “increase sugar, reduce stress”, so everyone owns a list of favorite milk tea dishes to enjoy depending on their mood. It sounds absurd, but indeed, the sweet and fatty taste of milk, the faint aroma of tea leaves can make the soul relax and blow away all the fatigue.

Thursday in the middle of the week is indeed an appropriate opportunity for the deadline group to reward themselves with a cup of milk tea from Phuc Long’s shop, then “wind up” the spirit and work productively until the weekend to relax.

Busy Thursday, let Phuc Long invite you to

Referring to Phuc Long, in addition to the “vedette” faces of Tra Dao and Tra Vai, the “tea with milk” dishes are also known as “thousands of people’s” drinks of the shop. The characteristic aroma of tea mixed with the sweet, creamy taste of milk creates a perfect drink from smell to taste, a great choice for you to sip in the afternoon.

Don’t worry because your wallet is tight because, Phuc Long and ShopeeFood will “withdraw your wallet” to invite you to a cabinet of Oolong Milk Tea with a super bargain price of only 1 VND when you buy it with Jasmine Tea, Peach Tea, Lotus Tea, and Lychee Tea. Jasmine, Longan Lotus Tea, Longan Jasmine Tea with combo price of only 55 “branches” today 7/4.

Busy Thursday, let Phuc Long invite you to

Surfing ShopeeFood today, you can fully enjoy a cup of Phuc Long milk Oolong tea for only 1 VND.

“Et O Et”, if you receive this “cosmic message” too late and miss the chance of free delicious food, then don’t worry with “an immense heart, full of love” Dear” Phuc Long will continue to invite you to “reward” delicious tea for 1 VND on April 13-14 and April 25-26. Save the special hunting schedule now!

Offer information:

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