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Cen Land, and “Hunting a million dollar house” find a new age broker

April 7, 2022 11:29 GMT+7

On April 5, the launch event of the reality TV show “Hunting a million dollar house” announced the companionship of Cen Land and as a Strategic Companion and Co-sponsor.

“Hunting a million dollar house” – talent contest of talented real estate brokers

“Hunting a million-dollar house” is a reality TV show that showcases the talents of talented Real Estate brokers who take on challenges of professional sales knowledge and skills to convince the judges that they are the real estate agents. experienced industry professionals to win the program’s prestigious title of New Age Broker.

From the very first episode of the contest, each broker was given a golden key – symbolizing the connection between the broker’s true values ​​and the client’s wish for prosperity. In order to win the Champion position, brokers must use all the necessary skills, understanding and business talent… to overcome the challenges given by the Jury for each episode.

Cen Land, and 'Million Dollar House Hunt' find a new era broker
Top 15 brokers of “Million Dollar House Hunt”.

Brokers who keep the golden key to the end of the program – will win the Champion with 1 billion VND from strategic partner Cen Land. The 1st and 2nd runner-up positions will receive prizes of VND 500 million and VND 200 million, respectively. In addition, the program also has three Million Dollar Warrior prizes with a prize of VND 50 million and a voucher of VND 100 million.

In the context of an increasingly exciting real estate market, the reality TV show “Hunting a million-dollar house” was born, which is an opportunity for the audience in general and real estate customers in particular, to have the opportunity to better understand about the real estate market. real estate products, transaction methods as well as real estate brokerage in Vietnam. From there, the audience will have more experiences about investing in potential real estate, recognize the true values ​​of real estate projects, as well as how to find the right real estate products for their needs.

Cen Land real estate service ecosystem accompanies “Hunting million-dollar houses”

With the mission of bringing the brokerage profession in Vietnam to become a highly professional profession, recognized internationally, Cen Land has officially become a strategic companion of the reality TV show “House hunting”. million dollar”.

Mr. Nguyen Trung Vu, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Cen Land, said: “Cen Land has become a strategic partner to accompany the “Million Dollar House Hunt” to compete for billionaire real estate brokers with the desire to encourage confident brokers and investors. proud of his work. At the same time, spread the motivation, spirit and enthusiasm to the associates to create an increasingly professional real estate brokerage community, bringing the best choice for customers. In addition, Cen Land also wants the audience watching the program to better understand the role and ways that real estate brokers are implementing to help customers own the desired real estate products.

Cen Land, and “Hunting a million dollar house” find a new age broker
Cen Land is a strategic partner of “Hunting a million dollar house”.

Cen Land is a leader in the application of digital transformation in the field of real estate, owns a leading real estate service ecosystem, meeting all needs of buying, selling and renting real estate nationwide. After 2 decades of establishment and development, with experience, market understanding and strong financial potential, Cen Land has always accompanied investors and real estate developers to help realize their dreams. dream of building and creating quality real estate products.

In 2021, Cen Land’s revenue set a record of 164% growth compared to 2020. Besides, Cen Land also won many prestigious awards such as Top 10 best real estate exchanges in 2021, Top 100 Star awards. Vietnamese Gold.

Cen Land, and 'Million Dollar House Hunt' find a new era broker
Cen Land always carries out the mission of realizing dreams for investors, partners and customers.

Along with Cen Land accompanying “Hunting a million dollar house” is This is Cen Land’s leading technology product with advanced and modern features, helping customers and brokers anywhere, anytime, to exchange and experience the project space one-on-one. most authentic way.

Developed based on AI marketing technology, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), … with the direction of leading experts, real estate project hypermarket is currently introducing 2 million houses, 500 projects, including many exclusive projects, fully and quickly meeting all needs of buying, selling, renting and leasing real estate. Each month, records nearly 3,000 postings and successfully executes about 800 transactions. In 2021, was in the Top 5 Technology units that best support the real estate transaction market voted by the Vietnam Real Estate Brokers Association.

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