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Discounted car models, receive many incentives in April 2022

Kia Morning MT

In the past few days, the Vietnamese car market has been stirred up by the news that some dealers are selling Kia Morning MT at the price of 275-279 million VND, down 25-29 million VND compared to the listed price of 304 million VND.

Not only that, customers buying a Kia Morning MT at this time also enjoy a preferential policy of 50% of the registration fee from the Government. If registering for a provincial license, consumers only need to spend more than 290 million VND.

With this price, Kia Morning MT becomes the lowest priced genuine car model in Vietnam at the moment. Although Kia Morning launched a new generation in Vietnam from the end of 2020. But THACO still sells the old and new generations at the same time. The old version has a listed price of 304-383 million VND, while the new version costs 439 million VND. Besides, in the face of competitive pressure from competitors in the same segment as VinFast Fadil and Hyundai Grand i10, Kia Morning regularly enjoys discounts.

However, Kia Morning MT lacks many equipment, especially safety technology such as no anti-lock braking ABS, electronic brake force distribution EBD and airbags, which are considered basic on the car. car now. The only safety equipment that this model has is the central door lock.

Because of the poor equipment, Kia Morning MT is aimed at customers who do business in transportation services in urban areas. However, most people who consider Morning MT spend a few tens of millions more to switch to the AT version because it has an automatic transmission, ABS anti-lock brakes and EBD electronic brake force distribution.

Honda Civic

Discounted car models, receive many incentives in April 2022 - 1

Some Honda dealers in Hanoi said they are offering a direct discount for the new generation Civic at VND 30 million for E and G versions, or customers can choose to directly reduce VND 20 million and receive an additional package. accessories worth 20 million.

However, because the quantity imported is lower than customer demand, the Civic RS version is not eligible for a discount on this occasion.

In Ho Chi Minh City, dealers still apply discounts for versions E and G but not as strong as in Hanoi when they only reach about 10-15 million VND and give 15 million VND accessory package.

The new generation Honda Civic is sold in Vietnam with 3 versions E, G and RS with listed prices: 730, 770 and 870 million dong, respectively.

Mitsubishi Xpander

Discounted car models, receive many incentives in April 2022 - February 2

Mitsubishi Vietnam is implementing a great incentive for this model, equivalent to a reduction of 50-100% of the registration fee.

Customers in Hanoi who buy Mitsubishi Xpander in April 2022 only need from VND 589 million to roll. In which, the MT version offers a discount of 100% of the registration fee, equivalent to a reduction of 55 million VND, the selling price is 500 million VND. AT version offers 50% discount on registration fee, equivalent to 31 million VND, selling price is 599 million VND, comes with a fuel voucher worth 12 million VND.

Standard Mitsubishi Xpander Cross also offers 50% registration fee, equivalent to 33 million VND, selling price is 637 million VND, comes with a fuel voucher worth 12 million VND.

Particularly, the two highest versions Xpander AT Special and Xpander Cross Special only received fuel vouchers worth 20 million VND.

This is a preferential rate for imported Xpander. With locally assembled Xpander, currently, nationwide Mitsubishi dealers are reducing VND 70 million for the Xpander AT version, the special Xpander AT version is reducing VND 50 million. The selling price after decreasing is 560 and 580 million dong, respectively.

Honda CR-VA

Discounted car models, receive many incentives in April 2022 - March 3

In April 2022, customers who buy Honda CR-V can save up to 270 million VND thanks to incentives from dealers and the Government’s policy of 50% reduction in registration fees.

Some dealers said that customers who buy Honda CR-V at this time will receive a discount of VND 120 million for the E version, VND 115 million for the G version and VND 110 million for the L version, plus an extra package. 90 million VND for all 3 versions.

Honda CR-V also receives a support of 50% of the registration fee from the Government, corresponding to an amount of VND 59.88 – 67.08 million, depending on the version.

Thus, with the CR-V E version with a list price of 998 million, with a preferential price of 878 million; CR-V G version has a list price of 1,048 million, the preferential price is 933 million; CR-V L version listed price 1,118, preferential price is 1,008 million VND.

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