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Divorced from her husband who was once a ‘thirsty bamboo horse’, I said a sentence that made him lose his mouth

04/07/2022 07:33 GMT+7

Divorce is a nightmare for me, but it will pass, and a man who chooses a mistress and abandons his wife never gets the fruit.

My husband and I are classmates in the same school, also known as Thanh Mai Tru Ma. At that time, he was famous for his handsome image, good at studying, and a well-to-do family. Meanwhile, I am a girl with outstanding beauty and good academic performance. We are admired by teachers and friends at school with the image of a “talented boy and girl” couple.

After 2 years of graduating from college, we got a job and got married. Career advancement, he founded a construction company and held the position of director. I then agreed with his wish, back to taking care of the family.

The business requires him to meet many partners and customers. Recently, he recruited a beautiful female secretary that made me feel insecure.

Then one day, he used the excuse to go on a business trip with that secretary in another province and was accidentally discovered by my friend. You send me pictures of them hand in hand, sweet and affectionate, making my heart break. It turns out that the things I’ve always been worried about have happened.

When I got home, I showed these pictures to see how my husband explained it. But instead of covering up or making excuses, my husband frankly admitted and provoked me: “Yes, we are dating. You take a look at your appearance, see who you look like?”.

Come to think of it, in the past time, he was completely indifferent to me. Despite my heavy, heavy pregnancy, he never helped me with anything. He also never took me to a prenatal check-up once.

And after the friction when he had that third person, he and I decided to divorce. I moved in with my parents. He also went to his mistress’s house.

We have almost nothing to do with each other. I gave birth and raised a child alone, patiently enduring detractors.

Divorced from her husband who was once a 'thirsty bamboo horse', I said a sentence that made him lose his mouth

After many difficulties, we were also called by the court to settle divorce proceedings. On the day of the court, we talked for the last time as husband and wife:

– You should remember everything we’re dealing with, don’t do it wrong!

– You can rest assured, in a certain way, it’s not you but I who get liberated, it’s the one who is liberated. Divorce is a nightmare, but then I will wake up and move on. I will make my life better. You and her are perfect for each other, really.

– Are you going to bless us?

– No way, I’m waiting for the day when you will see her no-makeup face, waiting for the day when the two of you turn around and tear each other apart. I feel very happy in my heart. Just thinking about those days makes me feel the humiliation I have to receive today is deserved.

– Yeah, wait.

– You and I are divorced now, I won’t have to thank you anymore. From now on we are completely fair. I’m not the one standing under the eaves that has to bow, so please remember one thing: You slap me on the right cheek, I’ll slap you on the left cheek. And that girl too!”

With that, I stopped walking and never looked back. My determination is not out of love, but I know that he and that annoying woman will pay a heavy price. They will pay for all the nefarious things they have done, pay for the sacrifice of my career, my youth.

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