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Don’t have children if you don’t love them unconditionally

I used to go through days when I wished I wasn’t born, there are some things I want to share with parents.

Firstly, I think that children have no responsibility to you. The people responsible for your life are your parents and yourself. You who give birth to children must be responsible for them, if you can’t bear the responsibility, don’t have children.

Second, what is the responsibility here? Providing and protecting children in the first years of life is a matter of course, in addition to unconditional love, that is, not demanding, not forcing, not expecting what the child will be. True love is wanting the person you love to be happy, that’s all. If you feel like you can’t love your children like that, ask yourself, what did you give birth to? To make you happy or to let your child be happy? If the answer is the first, it means that you create a life to make yourself happy, regardless of whether that life is happy or not.

Recently I read an article like a child or requires parents to be psychological, so have I psychologically talked to my parents? Let me tell you, children have the right to demand from their parents, but parents do not have the right to demand them. Again, the person who created your child’s life is you, you have to take responsibility for it, try to bring it happiness, not ask your children to bring it to you.

I’m not blame parents what, they are they, cannot be otherwise. Just as I can’t blame a frog because it’s green, I can’t blame my parents for being irrational or irresponsible. One thing I hope they can look back, so that there is no distance between me and them.

I don’t understand the so-called love of my parents for me. They want me to be near, when they are far away, they are sad and miss. My parents don’t care what I want, I don’t know if I like the way they care. Each time, I get angry at myself and wonder why I can’t sympathize with them. I couldn’t live the life I didn’t want to live, in other words, the life my parents wanted me to live.

>> Suffering all my life for not being loved by my parents

I am afraid to talk to parents because they always influence their children according to their will. My parents keep saying they want the best for me, but what is good? What is good for me but I am not happy, is it called good or not? My life is mine, I will live it the way I want. Who forces parents to live like, why do they do that to their children?

I simply wish that, instead of imposing their will, ask their children what they want. If parents truly love their children, they will let them be independent, free and happy. When children are respected, free to do what they want, there will be no gap between two generations. Children also do not feel shy to talk or do not want to be around their parents anymore.

If they want to be good for their children, parents need to listen and care about what their children want. Be my friends, let me live as he wants, don’t put pressure on me. Love everyone!


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