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Found the girl showing off her 3rd round, posing offensively in Hoi An

07/04/2022 06:45 GMT+7

On the evening of April 6, on her personal Facebook page, Malaysian model Siew Pui Yi posted a letter of apology to her Vietnamese friends for her offensive act of “showing off her butt” at Hoi An ancient town (Quang Nam).

The letter of female model Siew Pui Yi is known in Vietnamese, English and Malaysia, with the content:

I myself had previously posted a few pictures during a trip to Hoi An city in Vietnam, because inappropriate clothing affects the Vietnamese online community.

I apologize for my actions and lack of respect for traditional Vietnamese culture, now I have also deleted these images and would like to sincerely apologize to everyone.”.

Model Siew Pui Yi confided: “WOMENEveryone’s comments I read very carefully, I sincerely learn from everyone’s comments for me. I will always remember and thank you for your advice. Finally, I want to tell everyone that I really like Vietnam and hope there is still a chance to return to Vietnam to travel, I will definitely not let this happen again! .

Once again I am very sorry everyone. At the same time, I will also pay attention and learn more about the culture of each region around the world when traveling…”.

A letter of apology for the offensive behavior in Hoi An ancient town was posted on the personal facebook page of model Siew Pui Yi.

The letter of Model Siew Pui Yi posted on her personal facebook received more than 7,000 likes, shares and comments from the social networking community. In it, there have been many personal pages of Vietnamese people sharing and expressing opinions about this model’s behavior. Thereby, we also welcome Ms. Yi’s request and apology.

Many people on this model’s Facebook shared that Vietnam is open to international tourists after two years of being heavily affected by the Covid-19 epidemic. The people and the tourism industry want international tourists to love and travel in Vietnam in general, and Hoi An ancient town in particular needs “customary entry”, respecting Vietnamese culture…

Previously, the press had reported dSocial commentary is discontented with the objectionable actions of a famous foreign female model, wearing ao dai but not wearing long pants, deliberately posing and showing off her breasts when releasing lanterns on Hoai River (Hoi An, Vietnam). Quang Nam).

Model Siew Pui Yi.

The Department of Culture and Information of Hoi An City has coordinated with the functional industry to verify and clarify that the female tourist with this offensive action is Ms. Siew Pui Yi (24 years old), a famous Malaysian model. She is known by the international online community as one of the most influential hot girls, actresses, and youtubers on social networks.

The act of showing off her objectionable third round is now causing anger in public opinion. In particular, this is an act of disrespecting the Vietnamese ao dai, making the costumes of Vietnamese women, which are conservative and conservative, changed by Ms. Yi to become offensive…

'The female model released an objectionable third round in Hoi An' sent an apology letter
The female model posted a picture showing her ’round 3′, posing offensively in the ancient town of Hoi An, being “stoned” by the online community.

According to cand.com.vn

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