Gen Z and investment in the 4.0 technology era

This makes it easy for people to misunderstand and equate Gen Z young people. It is an undeniable fact that there are still very talented GenZ young people.

Undeniably, today’s young generation is quite active, flexible and quick to grasp trends. Unlike previous generations, which were often devoted to accumulation, today’s Gen Z young people all want “money to make money”, so they are constantly looking for investment opportunities. Thanks to their intelligence and sensitivity to technology, Gen Z has had financial investment methods that make their brothers and sisters admire.

Gen Z (Gen Z) this is the phrase referring to people born between 1995 and 2012. Generation Z (Gen Z) is known to be citizens of the digital age, they are exposed to the internet. They have a lot of outside communication, so they will be the ones to decide the culture and consumption in the future.

Investment 4.0 is based on the internet connection and the platform of electronic trading floors, easy access to information about the market; new investment trends both at home and abroad.

What is special about GenZ generation?

Being exposed to and using technology from a young age. This is a very prominent feature of people of Gen Z. With the advantage of being born in the era of the Internet boom, it is not difficult to understand that most young people of Generation Z feel very comfortable and easy to catch up. with the latest updates of technology, the Internet and social media, from Facebook, Google, Youtube, Instagram…

People of Generation Z mostly have early access to the Internet and can use it to find information quickly, without much effort, but not necessarily have a high digital level.

GenZ creates a new trend. With the advantage of early access to technology and the Internet, today, Gen Z are trend-makers and pioneers of new social trends. Although the number is less than the Y gene, the Z gene has a direct influence when most of the “hot trends” of young people today come from this group.

Gen Z always knows how to manage their own spending. Due to very early access and sensitivity to technology. Today Gen Z can manage spending sensibly through 4.0 apps. In addition, through applications such as: online payment, online purchase and application of promotional codes, Gen Z saves quite a bit of money. Those costs Gen Z accumulates to invest.

Gen Z knows how to take advantage of such a small amount to invest. When it comes to investment people always think big money, but with gen Z 5 million can also invest. At this point, everyone is wondering, what can Gen Z invest in with a small amount of money?

Where is the playground for GenZ youth?

It is still a painful problem, when the investment amount is not as much as the brothers and sisters but still want to invest. If you deposit a bank account with an interest rate of about 5% – 6.5%, but this small amount, you will know how many years it will take to save money for a future plan, not to mention any unexpected events or risks. If the risk is withdrawn, how much will it be by the time it’s needed? With investment 4.0, you only need to spend an initial capital of about 5 million but do not spend money to make a profit, you also need to research, learn expertise, monitor market fluctuations to have adaptation plan.

Therefore, the GenZ investment 4.0 generation is no stranger to difficulties and challenges that this young investor needs to have a lot of knowledge to overcome. Understanding those issues, InfoFX organized the program “Invest Talk – Gen Z invests in 4.0” to answer all questions answered at the program with the participation of famous speakers and hosts in the industry. financial investment industry.

The Invest Talk program has been broadcast for more than 20 episodes on InfoFX Fanpage, attracting more than 10,000 visits and the number of GenZ participants is very high. Therefore, “Invest Talk – Gen Z invests in 4.0” is aimed at GenZ young people who are passionate about investment, this program will bring knowledge to help Gen Z have a better view and issues related to Investment. financial investment 4.0.

Gen Z, with its dynamism and super-updating digital life, is making the world work in a truly different way. Gen Z deserves to be the generation to lead and spread the trend of “Financial investment 4.0” to make life easier than ever. Let’s live together with InfoFX and Gen Z with financial investment style 4.0.

The program is organized:

Location: New World Hotel, 71 Le Duan, Ben Thanh Ward, District 1, HCMC.

Time: 13:00 April 23, 2022

Registration link:

Hotline: +84 7691 336 39


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