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Insiders say?

On the morning of April 7, answering an Infonet reporter by phone, Mr. Luong Ngoc An, Deputy Director of Van Nghe Newspaper, who was accused, said that he knew that there was an open letter denouncing him.

Responding to the question ‘do you have any feedback before these allegations’, PTBT Luong Ngoc An said, “I have no opinion, because I don’t know where this will go and how it will be done”.

“Therefore, I have no opinion at all,” said Mr. Luong Ngoc An, but he also said that “from a personal point of view, these words are not completely correct” but “however. did not speak hastily.”

PV Infonet contacted Mr. Nguyen Quang Thieu, Chairman of the Vietnam Writers’ Association, and Mr. Thieu replied, “The association will soon have an opinion”.

On the night of April 6, MXH spread an open letter on the Facebook page Da Thao Phuong (real name Thanh Thuy) accusing PTBT Luong Ngoc An Van Nghe Newspaper of raping and slandering her 22 years ago.

Immediately after the information was spread, the reporter contacted Ms. Thanh Thuy, who confirmed the letter she wrote.

The reason she spoke out was because a little while ago, she followed the cases of victims of sexual harassment standing up to denounce such as the victims of Ngo Hoang Anh, or the beauty denouncing the dean of the Law University, the president of the hospital. hospital…

“Reading that young girl’s confession, I was horrified. More than 20 years have passed. These girls, although they are all international students in many advanced countries, themselves as well as their families and society have many conditions of access to information and civilization were more advanced than my situation at that time, but they still struggled in fear, confusion, and loneliness,” said Da Thao Phuong.

The report of the incident that happened 22 years ago was provided by Ms. Thanh Thuy (Da Thao Phuong).

The woman with the pen name Da Thao Phuong (real name Thanh Thuy) shared that from 1996 to 2003, she was a reporter and editor working at the Youth Arts Department, under the Van Nghe Newspaper, under the Association. Vietnamese writer.

At the beginning of the open letter, she pledged that “if you think I am telling the truth, Luong Ngoc An will sue me in court”.

The story of being raped more than 20 years ago was narrated by Ms. Da Thao Phuong:

Specifically, on the afternoon of April 14, 2000, she was alone in the editing room of Youth Arts, when a man named Luong Ngoc An broke in and raped her. While resisting panic, she called for help, many colleagues ran over and caught Luong Ngoc An lying on top of her, strangling her. Thanks to the intervention of his colleagues, the act of raping him was not successful.

This incident was reported by witnesses in a report sent to Van Nghe newspaper on April 20, 2000.

“Before that, from July 1999 to April 2000, Luong Ngoc An repeatedly manipulated, controlled, abused and raped me like a sex slave.

… After the incident on April 14, 2000 mentioned above, because there were many witnesses, I dared to write a denunciation of Luong Ngoc An. However, he was not only fearless and remorseless, but turned around and blatantly slandered me. Luong Ngoc An made up a story in which he and I had a romantic relationship, he wanted to leave me, so I caused tension. The incident that day was changed by him from the fact of rape to “a scuffle”, Ms. Thanh Thuy shared the story!

She said that telling her story as a victim of sexual assault is a very difficult and traumatic thing.

Anticipating standing out “to denounce this fact”, she “knows that she is putting her and her family’s stable life at risk of injury, even danger, but I have no other choice”.

“I need to speak out in public, because I need to confirm to myself that I live in a community where there are still people who value truth and dignity,” she stressed.

I needed to get rid of my fear of the world my 14-year-old son and 6-year-old daughter were taking joyful steps into.

Bringing this to light, I hope the truth is not once again oppressed by power and indifference, I hope to hear a healthy, healthy response from the integrity of each of you. friend.

This means a lot to me as well as many other victims of sexual abuse who suffer silently in the dark. Who knows, it can help a certain victim so that they are not like me, spend 23 precious years of their life struggling with the darkness of depression, regaining the right to speak up for their own truth.” , wrote Ms. Thanh Thuy.

Ms. Thanh Thuy also shared, “I hope this truth will be heard and responded to by your practical actions to make our community more and more clean and civilized.

This means a lot to me as well as many other victims of sexual abuse who suffer silently in the dark.

I hope that someone who is also a victim of sexual violence will find that they are no longer completely alone and afraid to speak up, no longer have to spend more than twenty precious years of their lives trying in silence. patch up the hurt like me”.

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