Men with no money and no rights, remember these 2 sentences to change your life, don’t wait until you’re 40 to realize it!

We all know, the Jewish people are recognized by the whole world as “the most intelligent people in the world”. Their intelligence hides something very wonderful, like the bright pink morning star on a quiet morning, it contains the most precious thing, which is the passion to find the secrets in the human soul.

Although the Jews experienced many hardships many times, they were able to rise rapidly through business activities, and while developing local commerce, they also enriched themselves. .

So what are the things about the Jewish people worth learning and consulting the most?

First: Hardworking and studious is the golden key to the door to success

The Jews are recognized as “the number one merchants in the world” and the richest country in the world. Speaking of Jewish wealth, there is a saying that goes like this: the money of the world is in the pockets of the Americans, and the money of the Americans is in the pockets of the Jews. Their share of the world’s wealth is much higher than their population’s share. What makes up this reality? Jews have always assumed that knowledge and wisdom are the two things that create their earning potential.

However, wisdom is not innate, and the Jewish self-help wisdom follows a set of principles unique to them. The extraordinary achievements of the Jewish people come from their extraordinary wisdom, which is a way of survival cultivated during thousands of years of arduous oppression to gain a foothold. One of the things that Jews do every day, wherever they are in the world, is to never stop learning, no matter what class of society, Jews always make learning a number one priority. Some of them may not be rich for the time being, but what they never lack is a curiosity. So, in every area of ​​the world, there is a lot of Jewish predominance.

Among Nobel laureates, 17% are Jewish, and the share of Nobel Prize winners in Economics is as high as 33%; 20% of American millionaires are Jewish.

The intellectual aspirations of the Jews are much higher than any material temptation, they believe that wisdom is as closely related to life as the air, and they believe that intelligence can create all things. property.

Jews believe that only by constantly learning new knowledge in all aspects and broadening their horizons can they gain wisdom more effectively. People often say “Study, learn more, study forever”, that’s what the Jews did. When they have children, they continue to educate them to study hard. No matter how successful, no matter how rich, learning knowledge is always a habit that cannot be changed. Maybe intelligence is innate, but if a prodigy or genius is not diligent enough, nothing will be achieved, and wisdom is something that can be constantly cultivated and learned in life.

Jewish advice: Men have no money and no rights, remember these 2 sentences to change your life, don't wait until you are 40 to realize it!  - Photo 1.

Second: Learning to think independently is more important than having wealth

It can be said that the Jewish people are those who have the ability to use independent thinking to create the highest intelligence, they think that the outcome of things is important, but the thought process is the precious thing. than.

There is a story like this:

The rabbi asked: Two Jews slipped out of a tall chimney. One is dirty and the other is clean. Who will shower first?

The young man said, “Of course he’s dirty!”

The rabbi said, “Wrong! Dirty people look at clean people and think: I must be just as clean; clean people look at dirty people and think: I must be dirty as well. So the person who takes a bath is a clean person.” ”

The missionary continued to ask: “After this, the two of you will fall into the chimney. Who will shower first?”

The young man said, “Of course he’s clean!”

The rabbi said: “You are wrong again! The clean person when taking a bath discovers that he is not dirty at all; the other dirty person is completely the opposite. He realizes that the clean person has to go. shower, so this time he ran to take a shower too.”

The rabbi continued to ask: “So the third time coming out of the chimney, who will take the bath this time?”

The wise man should say, “Of course he’s dirty.”

The rabbi said, “Wrong again. Have you ever seen a case where one person fell from the chimney and the other was clean?”

Jewish advice: Men have no money and no rights, remember these 2 sentences to change your life, don't wait until you are 40 to realize it!  - Photo 2.

This is the Jewish method of education, encouraging people to think independently, not giving forced explanations and students having to think for themselves and then express their opinions. Jews believe that, for a person, learning to think independently is more important than acquiring wealth. For many reasons, the fate of the Jews was always in a precarious state, the reason for them to be able to survive the perils, storms of life, and increasingly prosper had never been separated from their wisdom. . And the wisdom of the Jews is rooted in thinking, thinking nonstop throughout their lives. By thinking independently, they get better.

A person’s ability to think is the only thing he has complete control over, without the right thinking there will be no right action. Without the right actions, there will be no success in career or abundant wealth. So, if you want to be rich, you must first learn to think independently and have a right mindset. doi-toi-40-years-old-no-go-ra-20220406160032544.chn


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