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Note when growing honeysuckle indoors

With its beautiful shape and green leaves all year round, honeysuckle is popular with homeowners around the world, especially Asian homeowners.

Honeysuckle (scientific name Pachira aquatica) is native to Central and South America. Since the 1980s, Taiwanese people have loved to grow honeysuckle with the belief that it brings “good qi” into the house. Vietnamese people love to grow and display honeysuckle in the house because it is easy to grow and care for and the name honeysuckle (meaning gold and silver) can bring luck and prosperity to the owner. The tree’s English name is Pachira Money Tree, which is also related to money.

Honeysuckle is often associated with auspicious meanings by Asians.  Photo: The Spruce

Honeysuckle is often associated with auspicious meanings by Asians. Photo: The Spruce

The main growth area of ​​the tree is in swamps. Due to the unique twisted trunk shape, folk people also call the tree a pigtail tree. Kim Ngan is a shade plant, preferring low light, so it can still grow well when grown indoors.

In the natural environment, honeysuckle can be up to two meters tall, but when grown as an interior plant, this plant is often reduced to a bonsai-like size, creating a natural or fancy shape.

When choosing to grow honeysuckle indoors, homeowners should note the following.

The light

Indoors, honeysuckle should be placed in bright to moderate indirect light for at least six hours a day. You can also use fluorescent lighting.


Well-drained, nutrient-rich soil is the best choice for honeysuckle. You can use a peat mix or a fast-draining soil like a cactus potting mix. If you feel the soil needs more drainage, mix in more sand or gravel.

The soil pH for honeysuckle should be from neutral to acidic.


Honeysuckle likes to be watered when the topsoil is completely dry. You should water more often in spring and summer and less often in autumn and winter.

Note, even though it likes water, honeysuckle can still become waterlogged if given too much. The best way to avoid this risk is to use well-draining soil and pots.

Temperature and humidity

Honeysuckle likes mild temperatures and high humidity. In general, they should be kept between 18 – 25 degrees Celsius and avoid places that are too warm or too cold.

On a dry day, homeowners should increase the humidity around the tree by misting the leaves, placing the plant on a flooded cobblestone tray or turning on a humidifier.


Apply a slow-release fertilizer with a high or balanced nitrogen content every three months. Do not fertilize in winter.

Place to put

Honeysuckle grown in a small pot will become a beautiful highlight on the tea table, desk.

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