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Pity the situation of a single mother, my sister-in-law let me be the deputy of the administrative department

Hi guys. I am 33 years old this year, currently working single mom of two children. Almost 2 years ago, my husband died in a traffic accident. I thought that after that loss, I would be compensated by my husband’s family. Suddenly, the whole family turned their backs on me.

The first is her sister-in-law. Previously, she borrowed my husband more than a billion. Relatives in the house should not have any documents when giving money, even that is still cash. Because of that, when my husband died, my sister-in-law brushed her hand away from accepting the other debt. I am widow and orphaned mother, there was no evidence, so I had to hold back. Because of this, the relationship between me and my husband’s family also broke down. We have not been in touch for over a year.

This time, my second child is about to go to kindergarten. Having time, I decided to go to work to Earn Extra Income. After interviewing at 3 companies, I was finally accepted to work for an import-export company.

However, the day I came to accept the job, the head of the department said that the position I will be working in is not a receptionist. Instead, I will be an administrative assistant with a much higher salary. When I asked, the head of the department also didn’t know what the reason was.

And then in the company’s first meeting of the week, I was dumbfounded when I met the director. That’s my sister-in-law, everyone. This company just started so I didn’t know. As soon as she saw me, she immediately called into my room and said she wanted to give me a chance to earn money to support my children’s education.

I should have been moved to tears. But then think about it, my sister-in-law has such a property, why doesn’t she pay me? Instead, she gave me a job with a salary higher than my ability. Now I am very confused. If you don’t accept the job, you will regret it, but if you accept the job, you have to be grateful to your sister-in-law but don’t know if you can do it. Can anyone give me advice please.

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