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Reconciliation in bed: Cool down with boiling water?

07/04/2022 09:02 GMT+7

I often make peace with my husband with blankets. Don’t know if this is harmful?

My wife and I often quarrel. At such times, I always actively use the pillow to… make peace with him. My husband doesn’t object, it’s kind of fun, but I don’t know if this way is beneficial or harmful?

Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC)

Not only the girls, but also the men often use the bed story as a method of reconciliation. In many cases, this “radiator” works very well, adding salt and sugar to the sex life, even thanks to them… more fiery than before. However, every problem has two sides.

The first is the health factor. Arguing, getting angry… increases heart rate, blood pressure, and blood flow to the brain while having sex also pushes these factors by leaps and bounds. This resonance is not very good for health, only increasing the risk of “high horse style”. Medieval books also recommend, regardless of whether he or she should not eat while lying in the blood rushing to the head, which can easily cause psychosis.

I often make up with my husband with pillows (Illustrated image - SHUTTERSTOCK
I often make up with my husband with blankets (Illustrated image – SHUTTERSTOCK)

Mental health also has its own damage to sexual reconciliation. If the husband is easy-going and has a broad stomach, he will not speak; On the contrary, it is difficult to avoid “war” when the husband thinks that he is seduced by his wife.

Not to mention that men accept “normalizing relations” because they want to have a quiet home, but they are unlikely to lose to their wives in arguments. Unfortunately, ladies, often because of that, they think they’ve won… to their faces. These cases are not difficult to recognize: last night they were lost in the past, looking forward to the future, the next morning, they did not even glance at each other. Over time, they became bored, even aversion to blankets. This is the fundamental harm of sexual reconciliation.

In addition, although somewhat worrying, it is found that children born from an argument between parents often have health and psychological problems later on. You may think things are getting worse, but don’t take it lightly. There are still many “radiators” for husband and wife disagreements without asking for sex.

The cup in the cupboard is still rattling, but no matter how much you shake it, you should not pray for peace and quiet with “that”. Sooner or later the center of gravity will emerge. Unfortunately, women often get sick from the water, but rarely stop with a few sessions of reconciliation with pleasure.

Doctor Do Minh Tuan

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