Scorpio: The world always has 2 colors, love or hate are both extreme

So the world of Scorpio is very clearly distinguished between black and white. The interweaving chaos will make Scorpio intolerable.


Scorpio is probably Zodiac You don’t need to read articles like this. Because Scorpio doesn’t like to be defined by others.

Scorpio thinks that I am me, not a scorpion, even less a person who has a fragile, innocent appearance but is cruel, dark or wonderful on the inside.

In fact, Scorpio is the most fickle and unpredictable zodiac sign!


Enthusiastic and heartless, solitary and boisterous, cautious and reckless… These seemingly unrelated, or even contradictory, words appear in the same Scorpio. .

This zodiac sign has a great inner strength, Scorpio refuses to be manipulated or influenced by any circumstances or anyone.

“As I want it to be. If it’s not right, I’ll make it right!”, is the inner thoughts of Scorpio.

Scorpio is usually strong-willed, strong-willed, willing to work hard for their goals.

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Scorpio hates ambiguity, vagueness, and ambiguity.

So the world of Scorpion It is very clear to distinguish 2 colors black and white. The interweaving chaos will make Scorpio intolerable.

Scorpio likes to feel the ups and downs of life. Scorpio is willing to experience extreme pain and extreme joy.

Scorpio wants to experience deeply and strongly about all things in this world instead of going slowly, steadily, without emotion.

Libra may be the easiest sign of the Zodiac to compromise, but Scorpio is the complete opposite, they are the most determined Zodiac sign in the world.


It is easy to recognize another characteristic about Scorpio, which is revenge.

This Zodiac sign always remembers very deeply, for a long time about everything that happened in his life. In particular, Scorpio does not easily forgive those who have hurt them. Time will not be what makes Scorpio forget those things.

Even, Scorpio always remembers every expression, action, tone at that time. Even the weather, clothes or the smallest details are clearly told by Scorpio after many years.

Although Scorpio will not necessarily seek revenge, even continuing to be friends with the person who hurt them, what happened will always stay inside of them.

The initial affection for that person may be 100 points, but only because of this “thorn” only 99 points remain. The other 1 point will forever never be added up again.

Scorpio is like that, black and white, right and wrong are clear.

On the outside, Scorpio may not say it, but on the inside, Scorpio contains a lot of things.


Many people will probably frown and shake their heads at the thought of being in love with Scorpio. Because this Zodiac sign in the eyes of others is always very cold and difficult to approach.

In fact, Scorpio puts quite a lot of high demands on their other half. This “tall” is not about looks or family background. It is strength, reliability, genius.

And when that person gives a Scorpio one, they give him or her double back.

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In love, Scorpio is someone who always lacks a sense of security. That is probably also the weakness of the Water people.

It is these measures of worth and ability that the other person is willing to provide that will make Scorpio find a sense of security.

Between having 10 parts but giving Scorpio only 5 and having 8 ready to give Scorpio all 8 parts, who do you think Scorpio will choose?

All Scorpio needs is wholeness, giving without holding back. Because that is also the love that Scorpio pursues. They are ready to give everything to the other side, so why can’t the other side be like that?

So, Scorpio is not cold at all. As long as you don’t do things that make you insecure, you’ll definitely see the soft, gentle heart behind their strong exterior.


Scorpio is a very suitable Zodiac sign to be friends with. This person is sensitive and has a high EQ. Scorpio can see through the deepest desires of others.

In fact, Scorpio is always nice to everyone around.

If you have a difficult time, Virgo will be the one to help you manage money, help you balance relationships, even take care of pets on your behalf. But Scorpio is different, they are ready to live and die with you, willing to make sacrifices for you even though it may not solve anything.

But Scorpio’s mindset is not to let you suffer everything alone.

Once again, Scorpio is a very extreme Zodiac sign, love it or hate it.


In a way, Scorpio is very similar to Leo. Scorpio always hides their shortcomings, arrogance and thirst for power.

But Scorpio is also not like Leo in that Scorpio is not naive, not outspoken like Leo.

Scorpio is actually like a gorgeous flower, proudly blooming in the middle of the jungle. That flower never bloomed or withered because of anyone’s gaze. Others will have to suffer from the sting of the thorns on that flower, so that they can clearly see the beauty of solitude.

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