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Small dog saves owner’s life with just a small action

04/07/2022 09:14 GMT+7

Without that little dog, her life would have taken a different turn.

In April 2019, Mrs. Brenda Richards (78 years old), living in the city of Derby, central England, as usual, was carrying her Yorkshire terrier Cleo dog upstairs to bed, but for some unknown reason she did not understand. The baby started acting strange again and scratched her chest. For a few short minutes, the dog’s owner pressed his claws to Brenda’s chest, as if trying to warn his owner of a deadly disease.

Feeling a bit strange because this had never happened, she decided to go to the doctor and was diagnosed with a tumor in her right breast. After 8 months of treatment, her health recovered.

Small dog saves owner's life with an unexpected action
Small dog saves owner’s life with just one small action. (Photo: SWNS)

“Cleo saved my life,” she recalls. It suddenly struggled to get out. That’s when I felt the tumor.”

Brenda was diagnosed with breast cancer by doctors at the Royal Derby Hospital, where she had previously volunteered.

After eight months of treatment, which included chemotherapy, radiation and another clinical trial, she recovered.

“I have known all the nurses here since I volunteered. They were shocked to see me in a patient suit. The nurses here are all wonderful and very dedicated to me. There’s not too much work to do either. Mammograms, biopsies, and diagnosis all take just one day.

They gave me the choice of surgery to remove the tumor, mammography or nothing at all and of course I chose surgery. The doctors removed the cancer cells and a small amount of surrounding tissue,” she said.

Since being discharged from the hospital in February 2020, Ms. Brenda is feeling much better and has started encouraging people to get tested.

“Everybody who can afford it should see a doctor as soon as possible,” she said. I’m quite fortunate to have gotten over it with ease due to an early diagnosis.”

The old woman asserts that this is all thanks to her small dog, “If Cleo hadn’t found out, I probably would never have known my condition. Cleo really saved my life!”

In the comments section, many people gave compliments to the little dog, one comment said: “Animals are so wonderful, we can absolutely learn a lot from them”.

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