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Soil on the Moon is dangerous to human health

House’s science from Sechenov University and Southern Russian National Polytechnic University named after MI Platov studied the chemical composition of soil and rock samples taken from four different regions of the Moon and compared it with the average values ​​of the moons. element in the normal soil composition on Earth, explains the Sechenov University communications department.

The surface of the Moon is solid. After analyzing samples found on the Moon, the researchers determined that the Moon’s surface is made up of a mixture of dust and rock.

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Rocks on the Moon are formed at high temperatures and without water. There are three main types of rock on the Moon: basalt, anorthosites, and quartzite. All are formed without water, unlike some rocks on Earth such as limestone.

“The foundation of the lunar soil is regolith (loose topsoil covered with hard rock), which contains the chemical elements chromium, beryllium, nickel, cobalt, which, if prolonged exposure can negatively affect negatively affect the state and health of those living on the Moon, damaging their respiratory, cardiovascular and digestive systems.”Dr. Ivan Ivanov of Sechenov University said in the statement.

He added that such components of the soil can cause skin and respiratory irritation, liver, kidney and central nervous system damage. This will be a point to pay special attention to and find a way to overcome if humans plan to live on the Moon.

The Moon is a natural satellite of the earth and the only satellite owned by the earth, about 384 km from the earth. The moon was formed as a result of a collision known as the Giant Impact or Big Whack. The Moon revolves around the Earth once in 29.5 days. The size of the Moon is about 27% the size of the Earth. Gravity on the Moon is only about 1/6 of that of Earth.

It has been more than 50 years since man first set foot on the Moon. Until now, researchers have not stopped uncovering the secrets of this fifth largest natural satellite in the Solar System.

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