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Termination of appointment of officials holding positions

The Secretariat decided to terminate the appointment of cadres holding high-ranking positions in agencies and organizations of the political system, from April 1.

The decision is signed by the Standing Committee of the Secretariat Vo Van Thuong, in which the position of the diplomat shall comply with separate regulations.

Cadres and civil servants holding positions of rank, if their working time is less than 5 years, they shall keep their positions and regimes and policies until they retire; for more than 5 years, when the appointment term expires (5 years), do not re-appoint the position and position, consider arranging suitable work.

Cadres and civil servants who are holding the position of chief or equivalent, with less than 5 years of working time remaining, due to the arrangement of the apparatus, are not allowed to continue to arrange this position, or have a wish to quit their job, they are reserved. regimes and policies are enjoyed until retirement.

The Secretariat assigned the Central Organization Committee to study the standards and conditions for the implementation of the senior expert regime; policy with cadres in charge of research and strategic advice in the advisory and assisting agencies of the Party at the Central level, the Office of the President, the Office of the Government, and the Office of the National Assembly.

Mr. Nguyen Duc Ha, former head of the Party Grassroots Department (Central Organization Department), said that the appointment of cadres holding positions has been around for a long time. For example, a department has only one director, but many officials are appointed to the position of chief and deputy. Normally, longtime deputy heads (minimum 8 years) who have not been promoted to department head will be appointed to the position of chief and enjoy the same regime as department head.

“However, those holding the position of chief are in fact still deputy chiefs,” explained Mr. Ha. In addition, those who used to be department heads, then transferred to work as secretaries to senior leaders, can also be appointed to the position of director.

Mr. Nguyen Tien Dinh, former Deputy Minister of Home Affairs, said that the title position is not a title specified in the legal document. The person appointed to the function does not directly administer or manage, but only has an additional position when working with other units, and at the same time enjoys the regime and policy equivalent to the function.

“The decision to terminate the appointment of officials holding the position is right and necessary,” Mr. Dinh stated.

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