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Tuan Hai scored a double, Hanoi FC won overwhelmingly CAND Club

The attack power of Hanoi FC was shown when they imposed the game and rushed the ball towards the CAND goal. Tuan Hai had the most scoring opportunities in the first half.

The first dangerous situation took place in the 7th minute, the Hanoi club’s striker finished beautifully, putting the ball over goalkeeper Sy Huy’s head, but the ball went wide of the post. Tuan Hai even put the ball into the CAND goal in the 25th minute, but the goal was disallowed because he was in an offside position.

Video: Hanoi FC 4-0 CAND

After many opportunities, Hanoi FC finally enjoyed joy with Tuan Hai’s penalty goal in the 37th minute. Hung Dung was fouled by defender CAND in the penalty area, and Tuan Hai did not disappoint his teammates. from a distance of 11m.

The more Hanoi FC played, the better, especially after Quang Hai entered the field.

In the 61st minute, noticing that goalkeeper Sy Huy was a bit high, midfielder Bui Hoang Viet Anh decided to shoot from the right to 50m and achieved absolute accuracy, hitting the CAND net.

2 minutes later, Quang Hai delicately poked a slot for Tuan Hai to break the offside trap, escape to catch the ball and then deftly pass goalkeeper Sy Huy before hitting an empty net, raising the score to 3-0.

Tuan Hai scored a double, Hanoi FC overwhelmed the CAND Club - 1

Quang Hai celebrates with teammates. (Photo: Duy Thanh)

Not stopping there, in the 90 + 2 minutes, Van Quyet scored the goal to set the final 4-0 victory for Hanoi FC. The Hang Day Stadium team had a meaningful gift the last time Quang Hai played in purple at home.

On April 11, Hanoi will meet SHB Da Nang in the 1/8 round of the National Cup, just one day before Quang Hai’s contract with the club expires.

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