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What is the phenomenon of ‘climax’ but not ejaculating? Is it worrisome?

What is a dry orgasm?

Dry orgasm aka orgasm? ejaculatewhich occurs when a man orgasms during sex or masturbation but doesn’t release any sperm.

Depending on the cause, dry orgasm in men can be temporary or lasting. Dry orgasms are sometimes not a serious health problem and can only be affected if a man is trying to conceive.

What is the phenomenon of 'climax' but not ejaculating?  Is it worrisome?  - Photo 1.

Dry orgasms make men dissatisfied with the quality of sex. Illustration

Causes of dry orgasms

Dry orgasms mostly occur in men who have had surgery to remove their bladder or prostate. Both types of surgery can cause men to stop producing sperm, meaning they can’t ejaculate during orgasm.

In addition, dry orgasm can also be caused by a number of other reasons:

Nerve damage from diabetes, multiple sclerosis, or a spinal cord injury.

Use of medications for blood pressure, prostate enlargement, or anxiety disorders.

– Tubal ligation.

– Testosterone deficiency.

Laser prostate surgery and other therapies to treat an enlarged prostate.

Radiation therapy to treat prostate cancer.

– Surgical treatment of testicular cancer.

In addition, stress and other psychological issues can also cause dry orgasms, but this is usually only a temporary condition. Ejaculation and orgasm can vary from time to time.

What is the phenomenon of 'climax' but not ejaculating?  Is it worrisome?  - Photo 3.

Dry orgasms can be caused by stress. Illustration

Is dry orgasm retrograde ejaculation?

Although dry orgasm and retrograde ejaculation can occur at the same time, they are not the same.

Retrograde ejaculation occurs when the bladder neck cannot close during orgasm. At this point, semen will flow back into the bladder.

It is usually caused by taking alpha-blockers, such as Flomax, or having bladder or prostate surgery that damages the bladder neck.

Men with retrograde ejaculation will have little or no semen when they ‘climax’, but may notice a cloudy urine after sex that resembles semen.

In dry orgasm, there is absolutely no semen coming out. Although retrograde ejaculation can be the cause of a dry orgasm, a dry orgasm itself is not considered retrograde ejaculation.

Can dry orgasm cause complications and affect fertility?

Occasional dry orgasms in men are unlikely to have long-term effects on fertility or cause complications.

Depending on the cause, dry orgasms can be remedied with available therapies. In particular, increased arousal from certain therapies can help improve male sexual function.

Source: Healthline


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