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When should you ditch your old Android phone?

There are quite a few practical uses for one Android phone old. You can turn it into a security camera, dash cam for your car, or even a photo frame if it’s big enough. However, if you’re not planning on using an old phone, you really shouldn’t keep it with you.

If your old Android phone isn’t completely broken, you can still use it. Although this is a good decision financially and environmentally and people should use their phones longer. However, using a very old phone may not be safe for security reasons.

Android devices are notorious for not receiving timely software updates — or never receiving software updates at all. Monthly security updates are important to keep your phone up to date against the latest security holes and attacks. When devices are not updated with software, they are no longer protected against new threats. That’s when you should stop using the device.

Many Samsung Galaxy devices receive software updates for 5 years. Google Pixel phones receive software updates every 5 to 3 years, depending on the model.

Even if you’re not actively using your old Android device, it may still be unsafe. The biggest thing to watch out for is that the battery degrades over time.

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The safest way to store old batteries is to keep them charged at 40% and remove them completely if you can. Once in a while, recharge it to about 40%.

Most people throw an old phone in a box or drawer and forget about it. Batteries can swell and become a fire hazard. Fortunately, modern batteries are not as vulnerable as they used to be, but anything can happen.

How to safely dispose of your old phone

So how do you throw away an old Android phone? You have quite a few options. First and foremost, you can get some cash for it by reselling the device to phone stores.

If selling is not an option, you can donate or recycle. Donating puts the device in the hands of someone who can actually use it. The recycling center or service should be able to safely dispose of it and reuse some of the materials. One thing you shouldn’t do is throw an old phone in your regular trash.

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