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Where women are sexually harassed with words

After Wang Yue bought a new pair of pants, the 19-year-old’s first thought was to post it on the Xiaohongshu app – a social network like Instagram, to show off to friends. She hopes that her article will help those who are intending to buy to have a more objective view.

She posted a picture of herself wearing her new pants, with a brief description: “My roommates and I just bought these pants, everyone feels very comfortable and natural. Please buy them with confidence.”.

Danger from

Just because of a simple post like this, Ms. Wang was harassed with vulgar messages.

I thought the comments would be very positive, but no, the response shocked Ms. Wang.

“Your legs are so beautiful, I want to see more”.

“I’ve never had sex before and my body is amazing.”

“Do you want to have sex with me, I’ll come over.”

Dangers of social networking applications

In China, international applications such as Facebook or Instagram are not licensed to operate. Therefore, companies have created other similar applications to meet the needs of the people in the country. One of them is Xiaohongshu with an Instagram-like function.

This app is quickly becoming the go-to place for women to exchange shopping, cooking, fashion, travel tips, etc. It is estimated that 140-180 million female active users per month. Naturally, Xiaohongshu became the “paradise” of women when wondering about something.

Danger from

Although social networks help us a lot, we also need to be vigilant.

However, because the number of female users is too large, male users gradually “leave” to another platform. To attract male users back, the company behind Xiaohongshu used female users as a “tool”, allowing men to comment sexual harassmentindecent without being locked out of your account.

Back to Ms. Wang, after those disgusting comments, her waiting inbox was no less. Full of sexually suggestive, fondling, and indecent text messages. Ms. Wang is very scared because the account only has 100 followers, but the number of dirty messages is many times higher.

“I feel disgusted, nauseous all day long when I think of them using my image to make sexual fantasies. It makes me sick, sick, scared, terrified… and I don’t know what to do. Xiaohongshu’s policy of protecting the rights is useless.” – Ms. Wang expressed.

Since then, Ms. Wang and many other female users no longer want to share their private life on Xiaohongshu. Rude male users have made this app malicious. They flood with sexually harassing posts and comments, sometimes disturbing real life.

Danger from
Danger from

Xiaohongshu used to be a “paradise” for women, but now it has changed.

Horrible advertising campaign

Founded in 2013, Xiaohongshu was once a woman-friendly app that was mostly clean and shared only good words. However, in recent months, that has changed 180 degrees.

Xiaohongshu Company suddenly applied a new growth strategy, doing everything to attract male users to join the application. In a commercial, they claimed the app was a place for men to meet and chat with “pretty ladies”.

Upon fierce criticism, the company took down the entire ad, but continued with this disgusting strategy. They arbitrarily took pictures of beautiful, young female users to run ads to male users. Gradually, this campaign also attracted the attention of men, making them pull over to… see girls.

Danger from

Women are often victims of verbal sexual harassment.

Many people also discovered, Xiaohongshu has been advertising on Hupu – a platform popular with Chinese men, that “the best women are available on Xiaohongshu, comfortable to look at and chat without spending money.” any”. It sounds like a rude invitation.

“This is absolutely humiliating women. They see us as a tool to lure male users. This horrible app is no longer safe for women, I must delete it.” – Yu, a 22-year-old female student confirmed.

After the wave of boycotts from women broke out, Xiaohongshu apologized and covered up that the advertisement was from an outside company, they only hired orders and didn’t know anything. However, even if the company is doing it for real, it must be approved by Xiaohongshu to spread like this. This lie is no different from “the last drop of water” for female users.

Despite everything to have money

In an interview, Xiaohongshu admitted that the application currently has 30% male users and wants to increase it in the near future. The increase in male users will increase the company’s value, as well as increase the price if Xiaohongshu wants to sell it to another company, analysts say.

Xiaohongshu has millions of women’s personal information in hand and is ready to use it as “bait” for men into this application. According to Chinese broadcasters, when creating an account as a 20-year-old male user, the app will suggest friends full of sexy and erotic images of women.

Danger from

Women, please be alert and beware of rude words online.

“We see this application also brings up sensitive parts, young and old women can have it. It’s becoming more and more degenerate, like a place for sex.” – Group of reporters shared.

After this incident, Xiaohongshu was fined 300,000 yuan (equivalent to 1 billion VND). The company blamed algorithmic problems, but they did not do it on purpose, and will be more strict in the future. However, the trust from users is gone, they have deleted and switched to more user-friendly applications.

However, there are still some female users who are indifferent to this incident. They think that the reason is because the other women, they posted photos that were too revealing and sexy, so they were teased by men. Just posting a discreet photo will avoid this, the application is still good, there is nothing to blame.

Danger from

Even outside, women are among the top victims of harassment.

In general, social networking platforms are like “double-edged swords”, if you know how to use them, they will help your life, and vice versa, they will greatly affect you. Therefore, women should learn to protect themselves against rude harassment, absolutely do not let it go, but speak up. If possible, please ask the authorities for support to preserve your rights and privacy.

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