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Will people be paid when providing traffic violation clips to the traffic police?

In an online interview about the project Law on Road Traffic Order and Safety, VnExpress held on the afternoon of April 6, when answering the question “Images from camera journey of a vehicle can be used as a basis to fine other violating vehicles and where should people with pictures send them to the police to fine them?”, Colonel Do Thanh Binh – Deputy Director of the Traffic Police Department Thong (Traffic Police) – has said that the department is proposing a mechanism to pay for traffic violation video senders, and there will be a receiving and verification portal.

Accordingly, he replied: “The Government has a list of equipment as a basis for sanctioning, specified in Decree 135, which has come into force. live base. The second base is in use, but needs to be verified, it’s an image from an individual’s dash cam.”

In addition, on the issue of paying for infringing videos sent to the Traffic Police Department, he also said: “We will propose a mechanism to pay people to buy back those images and videos, because we can’t find them anywhere. Now, people can send clips of themselves or on the dashcam in their car to the Ministry of Public Security, we will have a portal to receive all that information for verification and handling”.

This is interesting and remarkable information as those who are upset about traffic situations can send pictures or videos of the violation to the agency for processing and possibly even a small fee. if verified correctly.

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More clear information on whether traffic police will be allowed to use information provided by people to penalize traffic violations can be found in Decree 135/2021/ND-CP, effective from January 1, 2020. 2022, regulations on the list, management and use of professional technical means and equipment and the process of collecting and processing data obtained from technical means and equipment provided by individuals and organizations to detect administrative violations, will be the legal basis for doing this.

The contents related to the use of information provided by individuals and organizations will be clearly specified, specifically as follows:

In Chapter III, Article 16 provides for the provision of data obtained by individuals and organizations to agencies and units with sanctioning competence in the following forms:

– Directly to the agency, unit of the competent person or the scene of the incident to provide.

– Via email, web portal, website or hotline.

– Via postal service

– Via connection, data sharing.

Individuals and organizations providing information will be: Guaranteed confidentiality of full name, address, autograph and other personal information. Especially have the right to “require competent agencies, units and persons to notify the results of verification and processing of provided data” – according to Point C, Clause 2, Article 16).

However, individuals and organizations providing information will have to be responsible for: Provide information about full name, address, contact method in case the agency or unit of the competent person needs to contact, take responsibility before the law for the authenticity and integrity of the provided data, in addition, must cooperate with the competent person to resolve when requested.

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