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Xuan Bac – Justice: People who live in villas, people who live in rented houses

Meritorious Artist Xuan Bac and People’s Artist Cong Ly are the veteran Nam Tao – Bac Dau of the Tao Quan cast. The same hot faces of VTV, but in the end their real-life fate is very different.

Nam Tao – Meritorious Artist Xuan Bac: Having many houses, living richly

Nam Tao – Meritorious Artist North Spring – is one of the indispensable members of the Apple family. Over the years, his role Nam Cao has been deeply imprinted in the hearts of the audience.

With her graceful acting and flexible improvisation in each situation, Xuan Bac is very well liked by the program’s director and experts.

Xuan Bac - Justice: People who live in villas, people who live in rented houses-1
Meritorious Artist Xuan Bac with the image of Nam Tao by Tao Quan.

Regarding their private life, in 2006, Xuan Bac and Hong Nhung got married. At that time, the male artist was rumored to be married for money. Ignoring all the public gossip, over the past 10 years, Xuan Bac and Hong Nhung have had a fulfilling life that everyone admires.

As one of the most expensive comedians in the North, he is not only an ambassador for brands but also a presenter and actor with a high salary.

Specifically, in terms of salary alone, in 2015, Xuan Bac received 8 billion VND after agreeing to license his image rights and the gameshow. Chasing Pictures Catching Letters. He is the first artist to do this. At that time, 8 billion VND brought Xuan Bac to the top 1 position in terms of paid salary.

Xuan Bac - Justice: People who live in private residences, people who live in rented houses-2
Large mansion of Meritorious Artist Xuan Bac.

In 2018, Meritorious Artist Xuan Bac showed off his mansion. His family’s large garden house in Hanoi revealed by his wife still surprised the audience.

According to the wife’s pictures artist Xuan Bac shared, it can be seen that the new house was built in a large space, with a house completely made of natural wood, a porch to relax, a stone path interspersed with young green grass. , there are trees, flowers and grass around the house… forming an extremely ideal space to relax when returning home.

Before owning this property, Xuan Bac also had another house in Hanoi which was revealed to the audience through the program. Dad, Where Are We Going 2015.

In addition, Xuan Bac also owns a Mazda under 1 billion VND. This car was purchased in 2013, when this price was already a fortune.

Bac Dau – People’s Artist Cong Ly: Living in a rented house, weak health often goes to the hospital

Bac Dau – People’s Artist Justice – Currently different from Meritorious Artist Xuan Bac, he is currently living in a rented house, but with his wife, everything is going very well.

Many viewers feel sorry for them when, at the age of 50, they are a famous actor but do not have a home like many friends and colleagues.

However, according to the wife of People’s Artist Cong Ly, since moving to a new place, the couple’s spirits are much more excited when they find a suitable living space for themselves. Her friends and her husband also actively visited the two of them.

Xuan Bac - Justice: People who live in private residences, people who live in rented houses-3
People’s Artist Cong Ly in shaping Bac Dau.

The wife of People’s Artist Cong Ly shared: “Actually, when I moved to a new place, even though this house was rented by the couple, I felt much happier and more peaceful. Mr. Ly’s health was also much better than before.”

She also said that what makes her happiest is “Everyone brought beer and wine to drink, I told Mr. Ly to make a cup for fun, but definitely don’t drink, just drink coconut water or fruit.”

It is known that during the past time, People’s Artist Cong Ly had to try to overcome the disease. He was not allowed to perform due to health reasons. This made People’s Artist Cong Ly very sad.

However, the male artist’s spirit is still optimistic and encourages his wife to work together to overcome this difficult time.

Xuan Bac - Justice: People living in private residences, people living in rented houses-4
Despite being sick and unable to perform, People’s Artist Cong Ly still tries to stay optimistic.

Currently, People’s Artist Cong Ly and her husband are trying to build their home and move towards a better life.

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