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12-year-old female student received scholarships from 5 schools in the US

Ho Chi Minh CityWhen she was in 6th grade, Thao Linh researched information about studying abroad on her own, wrote essays and applied to high schools in the US.

Nguyen Ngoc Thao Linh, a 7th grader at Nguyen Trung Truc Secondary School, District 12, Ho Chi Minh City, won a scholarship to five schools in the US including The Brook Hill School, Washington Academy, Northland Scholars Academy, Saint Croix Lutheran Academy and Bridgeport International Academy. In which, The Brook Hill School has the highest support level of 112,440 USD (2.6 billion VND) for four years.

However, because she could not afford to pay for living and accommodation expenses, Linh temporarily put aside her plan to study abroad and plan to apply for a higher level of support in the following years.

Linh wanted to study abroad since childhood. Ba Linh works as a security guard at an English center, and her mother is a garment worker. Loving my parents’ hard work, I am always self-disciplined and active in learning. From the 6th grade, Linh started looking for information about studying abroad.

Nguyen Ngoc Thao Linh plans to apply for a high school scholarship to fulfill her dream of studying in the US.  Photo: Character provided

Nguyen Ngoc Thao Linh will continue to apply to fulfill her dream of studying in the US. Photo: Characters provided

In July 2021, Linh prepared a scholarship application. I read experiences in groups, went to the school’s website to find out information, and then learned how to write essays. Linh practices writing every day, a little bit every day.

“I consulted my English teacher, asked her how to use words and structure so that it was concise and coherent. Then I wrote it and asked her to correct it,” Linh said.

I write many articles, if not satisfied, I will write again. After about two months, I have completed my essay to send to schools.

The essay is considered the most important part of the scholarship application. Linh chose to tell a story about herself to express her thoughts and feelings to her family, thereby demonstrating her efforts to excel in her studies.

When I was in second grade, my father was selling street food. I struggled not to get on a truck with a crate to go to English lessons. Feeling sorry for her family situation, Linh did not let her father drive her to the gate but demanded to be dropped off a short distance away. Ba Linh re-shared the story on her personal page, promising to remove the shopping cart next time when taking her children to school.

“Dad said that no matter how poor he was, he would try to take care of me enough to study, not inferior to my friends. When I read those lines, I was very sad. Since then, I love my parents more and have less guilt”, Linh said. tell.

Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Diep, 53 years old, from Thoi An ward, district 12, was touched when he learned that he was mentioned in his son’s essay. Of the three daughters, Linh studied the best. He said that the family economy is difficult, but he and his wife always create conditions for their children to have a bright future.

The father confided, Linh is independent and always makes her parents proud of her academic achievements. Apart from two English lessons per week at the center, Linh does not take any additional subjects. Not only is she good at English, she also teaches herself German and Italian.

My family did not know that I applied to schools in the US. Two months after knowing the results, Linh shared with her parents and sisters on her birthday in February.

“We are surprised but happy. Once the goal is set, Linh will silently implement it,” said Mr. Diep, saying that his daughter wanted to find other opportunities to reduce the burden on the family.

According to Linh, to apply for a scholarship from junior high school, candidates need to prepare a CV with academic achievements and extracurricular activities; English essays and tests. After submitting the application and passing the four-skill test, Linh entered the interview round of all five schools in turn.

I was most impressed with the meeting with The Brook Hill School because I liked the questions the admissions committee asked. The school representative asked Linh about her future plans, why she chose to study in the US and other social issues.

“I chose the US because after many years of research, I realized that the education and culture of this country is suitable for me, helping me to develop myself. I also actively ask the opposite question, in order to increase interaction, can show confidence,” Linh said.

The female student confided that English is her favorite subject. Last semester, Linh got 10 points in this subject. Linh has studied English since the first grade, won the first prize in online English Mathematics and a gold medal in English speaking competitions in the following years.

Ms. Bui Thi Lien, English teacher, Nguyen Trung Truc Secondary School, was impressed with Linh’s English ability. Ms. Lien said that although she was an excellent student in English, Linh was always humble, calm and sure.

Linh is capable of self-study, active in learning as well as team activities at school. In addition to English, Linh is also in the school’s team of excellent students in Literature. Understanding Linh’s ability, but Ms. Lien was still surprised when she learned that students research schools and apply for themselves.

According to Mr. Dang Huu Phuoc, Director of Edu4life Study Abroad Consulting Company, when applying to high schools in the US, instead of IELTS, candidates will have to take an English test. In order to win the scholarship, in addition to good English, candidates must also have excellent academic records, extracurricular activities and good interviews.

A study abroad consultant said that, among the schools that accept Linh, The Brook Hill School is a famous and highly competitive school. However, even if there is a scholarship, students still need to spend a large amount for living expenses if they attend.

“At the lower secondary level, Linh’s results are impressive,” said Mr. Phuoc.


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