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Boncha honey tea constantly ‘stirs up’ young people

Boncha honey tea continues to attract young consumers with the game Bon Crush after the launch of a sleek-can can.

Bottled soft drinks are becoming more and more familiar to consumers in general and young people in particular because of their convenience and diversity. Besides wanting to satisfy personal taste, many people also consider choosing a healthy product.

Boncha honey tea in lonsleek-can specifications.  Photo: Uniben

Boncha honey tea in sleek-can cans. Image: Uniben

To meet this demand of consumers, Boncha decided to choose ingredients that are 100% pure honey mixed with whole leaf green tea combined with fresh fruit juice.

Honey is famous for containing many nutritious ingredients that help strengthen the resistance and good for the digestive system. The combination of honey with natural ingredients such as whole green tea and fruit juice is a cooling formula and brings a feeling of coolness.

Recently, Boncha “upgraded” the product with a high-end sleek-can can. Although this specification is familiar with many types of drinks, it is a fairly new form of instant tea. The modern and trendy look of the sleek-can Boncha lon version quickly conquers the personality of young people.

The taste of Boncha honey tea.  Photo: Uniben

The taste of Boncha honey tea. Photo: Uniben

The Boncha representative said that, in addition to the aesthetic factor, the sleek-can can also help preserve the maximum taste of the tea, especially when chilled, ensuring that consumers enjoy the product. refreshments at the highest quality. With Boncha cans sleek-can, consumers will have trendy and different tea drinking experiences.

Right after impressing with the sleek-can can version, Boncha continues to “make waves” by hosting the game Bon Crush on Facebook. Boncha fan page. Bon Crush is inspired by the legendary Candy Crush game, which has a simple and familiar gameplay to many people.

Bon Crush has been modified to have a bold “Boncha” character when the candies are replaced by ingredients of Boncha honey tea such as honey, lemon, kumquat, blueberry… “Bon Crush has a beautiful interface and a beautiful sound. The sound is lively, helping players to feel all the youthful spirit that Boncha brings. While practicing playing games and sipping Boncha is my way to relax between breaks in the working day”, Tuan Phong, Marketing staff at a company in District 1, Ho Chi Minh City.

Bon Crush was held from March 11 to the end of April 21 with an exciting prize structure for players. Every week, Bon Crush winners receive attractive rewards. Specifically, the player with the highest score each week will be given a Bon-Watch (Apple Watch). The next 20 players on the leaderboard will receive a voucher worth 100,000 VND each. The final prize is a Bon-Pad (I-Pad) tablet that will be awarded to the best player in the last week.

Phone screen interface when playing Bon Crush

Phone screen interface when playing Bon Crush. Image: Capture from the screen

Bon Crush is taking place on the Boncha fanpage, attracting thousands of players. More than 200 celebrities are also ready to practice their hands to “compete” and spread Bon Crush in the community.

Diep Chi

Uniben owns 3 large and modern food factories, with the brands 3 Mien, Reeva, Boncha, Joco and Abben. In which, 3 Mien noodles with rich juice is one of the leading brands chosen by Vietnamese consumers to buy. Reeva is a premium noodle brand with 100% fresh ingredients. Boncha honey tea is made from 100% pure honey and whole leaf green tea. Joco juice is delicious, strange with fresh pieces of crunchy, crunchy fruit. Abben is an energy drink brand with the positioning “Standard energy, creating precision in every action”.

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