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Ca Mau: A 6th grader jumps off a building during class

On April 8, a leader of U Minh town (U Minh district, Ca Mau province) confirmed that a male student jumped off a building in the area during school hours.

Specifically, at 6:50 am on April 8, NTN (SN 2010, living in cluster 1, U Minh town), is a 6th grade student of Nguyen Thai Binh Middle School jumped from the school.

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Nguyen Thai Binh Secondary School, where 6th grade boys jump off the floor during class. Photo: CTV.

“During class activities, child N suddenly ran out of the railing in front of the classroom and jumped into the school yard. Child N showed signs of depression, his parents also knew and were very upset about this problem.” The leader of U Minh town added.

Through initial identification from the school, N showed signs of depression and paranoia, and repeatedly asked to commit suicide.

Today’s jumping incident has injured N’s left shoulder and spine. The family transferred N to Ca Mau Province General Hospital for treatment.

Currently, U Minh district has directed the police force to verify and investigate the above case.

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