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Da Thao Phuong accused the PTBT of the Van Arts newspaper Luong Ngoc An of rape: Witness suggested reconsideration

‘The past few days, public opinion has raised the question of the time when Da Thao Phuong was raped…but actually two years or a few hundred years still needs to be reconsidered,’ said painter Le Tam, who witnessed the incident. .

On the morning of April 8, discussed with PV Infonet, Painter Le Tam, who witnessed the incident more than at Van Nghe Newspaper, confirmed that the report that Ms. Da Thao Phuong shared in an open letter denouncing the PTBT newspaper Van Nghe was “written by me”.

“In this, my participation is to record a written report, which clearly states what happened,” said painter Le Tam.

“It is my opinion or everyone else’s that the woman’s harm needs to be fully resolved and considered,” Painter Le Tam shared his opinion on the matter.

According to him, at that time the case had not been fully and thoroughly handled. From that treatment, the story has been with insiders for more than 20 years.

“There are hidden things that, after a while of not being resolved, will come back at some point,” the artist said, and said that the Vietnam Writers’ Association and Van Nghe Newspaper need to review the matter to make it clear. job.

“A phenomenon like this should not be allowed to linger because it will not be just this one case, but many others. In fact, women suffer a lot from their own handling to society’s perspective on the matter. There have been many different views, not all of which are supportive.

Of course those who take a serious look would wish this was fully resolved even though the story has been going on for more than 20 years.

But actually two years or a few hundred years, it still needs to be reconsidered”, emphasized painter Le Tam.

Since Da Thao Phuong’s open letter of denunciation was posted online, there have been many opinions that the validity period has passed for consideration, but painter Le Tam said that “it doesn’t make sense”.

“Even though there are written regulations on this, this incident is a serious matter that needs to be taken seriously.

Not only this problem, but I think every problem is the same. Deadlines are man-made, set, completely subjective. This phenomenon, this incident is a serious problem, authorities must work in order. As for reviewing and finding relevant clues to solve the problem, in my opinion, there is no time limit,” said painter Le Tam.

The witness wrote a report on the case where the Deputy General Manager of Van Nghe Newspaper was accused of rape: 'Even if it's been a hundred years, it still needs to be reconsidered'
Report written by artist Le Tam on April 20, 2000

According to the report, at noon on April 14, 2000, around 1 p.m., painter Le Tam was in the computer room when he heard the call of the poet Be Kien Quoc. The painter ran up to the 3rd floor with some other people.

At the Young Artists Office, painter Le Tam opened the door and wrote in the report: At this time, Mr. Luong Ngoc An is in a position of leaning on Ms. Da Thao Phuong, his hands in the area of ​​Ms. Da Thao Phuong’s neck. .

Ms. Da Thao Phuong struggled and cried for help, her voice was not normal. When I approached Mr. Luong Ngoc An and Ms. Da Thao Phuong, Mr. Luong Ngoc An began to let go of Ms. Da Thao Phuong.

After that, Mr. Tam and reporters Phong Diep and Nhat Ha stayed to help Ms. Da Thao Phuong regain her composure.

As noted by painter Le Tam at that time, one finger of Ms. Da Thao Phuong was swollen and bleeding. The incident was reported to Mr. Truong Vinh Tuan – Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Van Nghe Newspaper at that time.

Commenting on the incident, painter Le Tam wrote in the report that “I personally find the above incident to be a very unusual incident at an agency of the Vietnam Writers’ Association, a prestigious newspaper of Vietnam. The whole country and I have the responsibility to report the above incident to the agency for consideration.”

Earlier, on the evening of April 6, a social account named Da Thao Phuong posted the content of an open letter accusing PTBT of Luong Ngoc An Van Nghe Newspaper of raping and slandering her many years ago.

In the application, Ms. Da Thao Phuong also said that the reason she spoke up until now was because: “I need to speak up. It is an urgent requirement of me personally, as a victim of unjust suffering, as well as a requirement of social reality for the responsibility of a citizen, the demand of conscience for a pen holder”.

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