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Enough style to show off curves, the more you look at it, the more you love it!

The return of 2 Miss contests at the same time is Miss Universe Vietnam and Miss World Vietnam is receiving much attention from netizens. Right from the first rounds, a series of formidable contestants have been aggressively hunted by netizens “in private”.

Besides, it is impossible to ignore the appearance and body of future Miss candidates through a series of bikini photos. The answer for those who are curious is encapsulated in 4 words: The more you watch, the more you fall in love!

The top in this year’s sexy category is definitely not to be missed Thao Nhi Le. On weekdays, she already shows off her figure, so people are more and more interested in her bikini part in Miss Universe.

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Having a muse style, Pham Dieu Linh (Ete) rarely posts bikini photos on MXH. If so, it’s also a discreet 1-piece, not too ostentatious.

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Another “monster of a thousand blood” at Miss Universe Vietnam is Ngoc Mint. Having pursued a sexy style for a long time, it is not difficult to see bikini images with her eye-catching brown skin.

Vu Thuy Quynh – beautiful girl who once roamed the model village continues to cause storms when going to the Miss pageant, also owns the moments of the show with a flat second round and long legs. Haven’t seen the excitement in the bikini competition yet?

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Had a bit of a reputation on social media before so Bich Diep (Welax) was also considered an impressive contestant at Miss Universe. Who can ignore this body and attitude?

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Originally a sports person, Miss Volleyball Dang Thu Huyen make a strong impression with a body without excess fat when wearing a bikini.

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A representative from Miss World is a beautiful girl who has not yet competed and is already hot – Luong Hong Xuan Mai. thoughHer first breast is not too full, but in return, this Miss contestant leaves the mark of her vibrant and charming beauty.

Another face of Miss World is Nguyen Tran Khanh Linh. Her bikini photo definitely illustrates the curve more than the track.

The beautiful girls are competing in Miss Bikini mode: Enough style to show off the curves, not ashamed of the monster of a thousand blood - Photo 15.

Photo: Synthesis

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