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Falling swelling at the nape of the neck, the 8-year-old boy died subjectively

08/04/2022 15:46 GMT+7

Falls that injure the head can occur at any age, but are most common in young children. Falling can cause traumatic brain injury, which is life-threatening for a child.

Recently, an 8-year-old boy in the West fell and hit his head. After that, the family took the baby to the doctor, but no danger signs were detected, and the diagnosis of traumatic brain injury with cerebral hemorrhage was not detected.

Therefore, the baby was not treated early. When the child fell into a family coma and was taken to the emergency room, he did not survive because the injury was too severe, the diagnosis was late, even though the doctor tried, he could not help.

According to doctors at Can Tho International General Hospital, when this baby fell, the back of his neck swelled up. At the locality, he was able to see a private doctor, but the doctor did not find out that there was internal brain damage, only gave him ordinary pain relievers.

The next morning, the parents discovered that the baby was in a coma, took him to the emergency room but it was too late, the baby had a cardiac arrest.

At Thai Binh General Hospital, doctors also received a young man into the emergency room in a coma. According to the patient’s family, the patient had previously gone to the bathroom and fell. Because the patient did not have any bleeding, it was subjective.

The patient was brought to bed. In the morning, the patient complained of headache and vomiting but did not go to the hospital and remained at home to monitor.

In the afternoon, the patient vomited, foamed at the mouth and fell into a coma. When taken to the hospital, the injury was very severe, with cerebral bleeding accompanied by cerebral edema and could not be saved. After that, the patient’s family asked to go home to take care of the aftermath.

Falling swelling at the nape of the neck, the 8-year-old boy died subjectively
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According to Dr. Tran Chi Cuong – Chairman of Ho Chi Minh City Association of Neurology and Cerebrovascular Intervention, traumatic brain injury is related to collisions, falls and domestic violence.

Children being hit on the head can lead to a brain hemorrhage because their skulls are very soft. Early diagnosis can save grandchildren. If we don’t diagnose, your brains are vulnerable to damage that can lead to death.

Many children, even adults, after a fall, but their families do not pay attention, thinking that it is just a minor trauma, if not monitored and examined, the patient may progress to lethargy or lethargy, vomiting, which is a sign. indication of nerve damage.

In some cases, a hematoma appears in the brain, the brain is edematous, if not diagnosed and treated promptly, the patient will become comatose and die very quickly.

Therefore, Dr. Cuong recommends that when falling, if the wound or bruise on the scalp is often related to internal trauma.

Toddlers are especially prone to falls, and falls from a walking or running position on the ground usually don’t cause serious head injuries. The size of the bump on the head was not related to the severity of the injury.

After the impact (the most dangerous is the impact on the back of the neck – occipital region), if the patient has a headache, vomiting and lethargy, it is a typical symptom of a traumatic brain injury. The patient can lead to coma and weakness.

With young children, if they can talk, they will complain that they have a headache, children who do not know how to talk will be fussy and vomit and fall asleep. If you experience these symptoms, parents need to take their children to see a doctor immediately.

The emergency time for a traumatic brain injury is longer than a stroke, but it still has to be the fastest, the faster it is, the less sequelae it will leave behind.

Dr. Cuong said that the golden time for traumatic brain injury is calculated from the time of traumatic brain injury, the best treatment time is in the first 6 to 12 hours.

When a child falls, parents need to calm down and assess the child’s injury to handle well when the child has a traumatic brain injury, do not arbitrarily raise the head or support the child in the wrong way. This also makes the child panic, if the child cries, cannot keep calm, try to encourage and reassure the child.

Traumatic brain injury is often accompanied by other injuries, especially the cervical spine, so children need to minimize movements in this area.

The fact that parents arbitrarily raise their heads and pat their children’s heads can cause more serious injuries. It is also important to bring the child to a medical facility with a neurologist as soon as possible.

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